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dog dishes on steel wheels

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has anyone fitted the old dog dish hub caps to a modern steel wheel????

quite fancy going to steelies  if this can be done....

15" pickarse wheels and possibly Moggie 1000 caps

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Hasn't Johnny Smith done that on his Allegro project? I would think the clips off something like a pre-68 VW wheel would work as they rivet on rather than the cap clipping over part of the wheel itself




88 pence each

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The only modern car I’ve seen with dog dishes was the ‘New Beetle Mk2’, or however VW defined the one they launched around about 2013. I don’t expect VW added lugs to the steel wheels in the old school way, so it be worth having a look at one to see how it works.  

I would add that it may be a clever full wheel trim with body colour bits to make it look like the old ones - never seen one up close.

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