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1989 Austin Mini 'Designer' special edition project + bonus Mini Cooper content

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10 hours ago, Remspoor said:

You use a storm cover inside a garage? Pure luxury.

Yes, guilty as charged!

I originally got the cover to stop the mini getting too dusty during the winter lay up. It also reduced the chances of scratches when I've needed to squeeze past it.

In my defence I have used the cover when both mini's were living outside for a bit.



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  • 2 weeks later...

After a surprising first time pass of its MoT for my Mini Cooper I found myself with some spare time on my hands so I decided to do a bit more on Project Designer.

I knew that there was a small patch that needed replacing on the floor directly under the passenger side companion box. After a bit of investigation I realised that it had been welded in the past, it is the first bit of previous welding that I have found. Instead of having a patch over a patch I decided to cut it all out and replace it with a new piece of 0.8mm zinc coated mild steel.

Also I needed to replicate a small lip on the wheel arch which had rotted away. I was quite pleased at how it worked out in the end. It is all going to get covered with Upol Gravitex but its nice to know that it is a half decent repair.

I'm not 100% sure when the next installment of this project will come along, I seem to be juggling quite a few projects at the moment 😀

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A bit of an update. I've been struggling to get into the garage due to work commitments, illness and life getting in the way. However I managed to find some spare time at the weekend so I decided to strip down the radius arms. Despite their appearances they aren't actually in too bad of condition with no noticable wear on the hinge pin thing. The wheel bearings are goosed, all of the grease has dried out. It was always the plan to replace these.

I'm going to buy new pre-assembled backing plates for ease, the ones left over will go into my strategic spares pile. They will fit both my Mini Cooper and my Turner Ranger.


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