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Ruff's Merc Coupe Auto; On the road again!

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5 hours ago, ruffgeezer said:

Not my style, ordered another one from Merc (after an attempt and fitting a new end to the hard pipe failed). 

Another fifty odd quid in. 

Not cheap.  If the clips are available, what is the pipe in between made of ?  Is it that hard type plastic 

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1 hour ago, ruffgeezer said:

Yeah, it's that hard stuff that is shit to work with, I spent nearly an hour gently heating a bit to try and fit a new end but it was having none of it. 

Fair play for sticking with it, I did the same with my ml when the turbo went again only 10 months into warranty. I did the maths (man) in my head and at the time even with the issue it was still a £1500 car and they're simply was nothing else out there that could do what it did for that or even double that and then was I just walking into further issues down the line? Swapped it out after pointing out basic engineering failures (turbo technics main main was spot on to be fair, goons on the phone not so) and had another 4 or 5 years out of it relatively * trouble free. 

Gave up in the end when the key brain thing decided to shit itself and bought a Toyota that naturally, worked perfectly. 

Got £450 scrap for it when they were struggling to make a grand on gumtree..... 


Now of course when I fancy another they're £8,000,000 for a basket case!! 

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  • ruffgeezer changed the title to Ruff's Merc Coupe Auto; On the road again!

Yes it's true, other than smelling of diesel, the Merc is in fact sorted once again, and I'm pleased to report the auto box has emerged unscathed from it's trip behind the van (that'll be for sale soon too if anyone fancies a slightly down at heel Peugeot Expert Hdi) 

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