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Ruff's Merc Coupe Auto; On the road again!

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The Cov garage did replace the fuel filter. They identified two tired glow plug connectors and were supposed to have let in a loom section to remedy that. Am glad the door thing was such a simple fix, who would have thought a bit of plastic would have made such an impact.  

You did have your suspicions a little while back before the car was delivered about a leaking pump, hopefully the seal kit will sort it.

When driving, its a lovely thing to be in.

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The chagrin stems from being in the trade myself and seeing the state at which the engine bay was left. 

The replacement pipe to the filter wasn't at all dear so to my mind they should have replaced that when it got broken. 

The glow plug loom will have to be replaced I reckon, I haven't seen the other "tired" connector yet but if its as good as the one I have found then there doesn't seem much point in faffing it about. 

I'm annoyed for you as much as me, Ken, as I presume you'll have parted with some finds to have the issue looked at. Once I'd got the engine going after the fuel line replacement, the issue was very very obvious. 

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Cheers mate, am indeed annoyed and disappointed. He was supposed to have grafted a replacement used loom section in to have replaced the knackered glow plug terminals. The MOT, rear brake pads, number plate for the front and the work to the stop it now point cost 220 quid.  If the leak was that bloody obvious then grrrrrr. Sigh. This is why I feel like giving up on cars.

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Chances are £220 matched the badge on the back so it appeared like a reasonable fee.  It probably did include the grafted in loom until a stop payment was made and then it got a dose of fekkit, we got the money now.  

With filters and pipes sorted, if the fuel pump kit pimps the pump and the secondhand/spliced in loom sorts things out for the new glowplugs then this should come out to be a good car with a tale to tell.

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On 12/29/2020 at 9:32 AM, ruffgeezer said:

The replacement pipe to the filter wasn't at all dear so to my mind they should have replaced that when it got broken. 

The problem is that no-one stocks parts any more so if it doesn't get bodged back together the customer will end up without a car for at least an extra day/ over the weekend, usually won't have a spare car to fill in, and will be most unhappy about it. Also the car will be cluttering up the workshop.

If lean distribution systems hadn't been invented and car dealers actually held parts stocks a lot of bodgery would be avoided. Maybe dealers would sell more parts, too.

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You might be right, although that being said I got it on the next day's van from Merc when I ordered it. 

It'll be alright I'm sure, I can't really use it now are it's got a constant dribble from the fuel pump, my biggest concern is not breaking anything else whilst taking it off! 

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Well today, in preparation for going back to work next week, I thought I'd have a look at this. 

Somewhat jealous of the attention thoigh, coupled with the fact I'd been looking at petrol turbo models, my V70 decided to have an electrical shit fit, causing the heater vents to smoke and filing the car with acrid plastic burning. 

I quickly switch the car off and found there to be no actual fire, but when switched back on I had nothing working on the dash except the cig lighter and stereo. Fuck. 

I got the car home and had a quick google; a decade ago some damned Yankee had the same issue on a similar aged A60, and he'd found as did I, fuse 24 blown. 

Replaced that and the car behaves perfectly again save for the SRS fault you get when the clocks have died. I don't like that sort of issue. 

Anyhow we didn't come to the Murcedes thread to talk about Volvos, did we? 


So my last post was me lamenting the incontinence of the HP fuel pump. 

So this afternoon I set to it armed only with a Halfords 170 kit and a few flat screwdrivers. 


Thankfully the pump was extracted without breaking any of the pipes, and just before it began pissing it down. 

Leaving a hole like this... 


And a grufty handful of Bosch pump... 



Firstly find a clean* work space... IMG_20210106_151829.thumb.jpg.c5d7fcb6826c1a24a195d4ed5b203561.jpg

I bought a pump rebuild kit from http://www.x8r.co.uk/ and followed their video during the rebuild. 

Under the first cylinder head, it looked properly rough, you know sometimes your doing things and wonder if your car will ever run again? Yeah. 


I used the Dave21478 method to clean up the heads and a scraper and wet and dry on the body to tidy it all up. 

Properly. Fucking. Rough. 


Not too many pictures as by this point I'm covered in diesel and just want the job over with. 

At locking up time, the bench looked like this;


The pump is back in one piece, and I just hope that I have got it all together properly. 




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32 minutes ago, ruffgeezer said:

I bought a pump rebuild kit from http://www.x8r.co.uk/ and followed their video during the rebuild. 

The lock repair kit I sent you came from them too, mine is still fine so hopefully a sign they're decent quality suppliers generally..

Top work on the Derv pump, that looks skuddy as can be, hopefully it'll live again with new seals and whatnot.

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Well, in the freezing temperatures of a Lincolnshire morning, I did attempt to re-introduce the pump to the engine. 

It's quite fiddly to realign the drive plate in the cam, but eventually I managed it. 


I had to utilise a bojing strap for the plastic lines as the original clips broke. This just keeps them away from the aux drive belt (which probably needs immediate replacement due to having a wd40 like substance on it 🤔

I also replaced this little expensive bastard breather £7 for a lump of plastic. 




But does she run? 


That'll do for now!



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