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    • By GMcD
      How to begin? 
      Purchased the 406 from @davehedgehog31.  
      Resisting the temptation to do any sort of fettling until I put it through its MOT.  Headlights were a bit yellow so sanded back and polished. Not bad but not brilliant. She is really bloody clean for her age. 
      Next - the indicator stalk was very floppy. Right turns cause the left indicator to come on when it self cancels and gravity takes hold. Culprit is a wee plastic plunger within the stalk that wears. Wheel off. Stalks off and apart. Plunger replaced. (Will skip the part were I had to take it apart another two times to  fix the clock spring and the airbag light). Now the indicator works with a satisfying click.  Yeah the photos are crap. I'll try and get better at this. 

    • By Conan
      Wait a fucking minute. It's a collection of a car already in my ownership.
    • By 0ldCh0d
      I know I have not posted on here for a long time, but I thought that I would share my new daily wheels...
      it’s a 2003, 53 (Facelift) S500 L (long wheel base)
      just ticked over to 180,364 miles (I got it at 179,220 miles) 
      What a car, it is NOT greedy on fuel despite everyone telling me before I got it that it would be, it’s not.
      5.0 V8, 306bhp 7 speed Auto.
      its seriously lovely, riding on the airmatic suspension.
      barely above idle speed at 80mph & for it’s size, it’s seriously quick when it is needed.
      Also, the silence inside is amazing, you can barely hear any noise, it’s so silent & insulated from the outside world.
      Yes, I know that most people will tell me about the horrors of the W220 Mercedes-Benz S Class, but this is a good one, no rust or rot (early examples up until 2002 were notoriously bad for rot everywhere) the 2003 facelift model onwards were not as bad.
      & my one is not blighted with any rot.
      Here it is, after being fully valeted today.

    • By Exiled_Tat_Gatherer
      Vendor of one of my all time favourite 'must haves' just rang me back after a week of waiting thinking I'd missed the boat. It's a tank, one of the residents on this very site finally nabbed one recently, although I may have hit the V8 manual jackpot!
      Face it - I'm a shiter - so if it's not needing to be swept up to move it I'm buying the fekker!
      Wanted to go tonight but it's a fair distance away and I'm still in the office.........
      Anyone interested or wanting to guess.... knock yourselves out.
    • By pshome
      In spite of the current summer heat, we decided to drive 70 km to Augsburg and have a look at a former tramway depot recently converted to a show room for some asian cars. Started in a pair of Tagora's, but it didn't go well. Dinin Tagora decided that running on all 6 cylinders is optional, so we left him at the next exit and went on in only the silver SX. First time ever i have been sitting in the rear of a Tagora, very comfy and spacious!

      Met there with a 504 friend helping us to assure the parking lot gets a decent share of "proper" cars.

      This looks promising.

      Big picture of a cosmo..

      they have the real thing as well

      and much more!
      A RX7 registered to Mr. Felix Wankel

      a rotary station wagon

      rotary bus

      and even a Wankel wrecker.

      enough cars here i have never seen before to fill several pages in the " Cars you didn't know existed " thread.
      .. more to come
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