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Italian Stallion: Kiltox’s 1982 Fiat Panda 30!


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I properly love this!!

In around 1993/4  I’d have been about 7 and my mum was on her own with me and no transport. My Nan decided to buy her a car and I can still remember sitting on the gate post of our terraced house, giddy with excitement at what was going to turn up. What turned up was my grandad in an ‘83 Y plate Panda 45 Super in black!

I can still remember it quite well - the gearstick used to just wobble about when in motion, it would NEVER start in the rain (well, it would take many, many attempts), I remember the bottom support of the hammock back seat cutting into the back of my legs when sat in the back (with no seatbelt on because there were none), the separate cassette player, hung below the shelf thing that made up for a dashboard that played everything about 10 bpm too fast and I have a vivid memory of going with my mum to Kwikfit for a new exhaust and watching this 20st exhaust fitter desperately attempting to move the drivers seat back and my mum having to run over and explain that they were fixed in position and could he stop before he ripped it off it’s mountings.

I would LOVE to have a go in one now. My mum absolutely loved it and was gutted when told there was just nothing left to weld to in a couple of MOT’s time.

Considering the Super was the ‘posh’ version, the only hint of a luxury item I can remember it having was a moveable ash tray. It barely even had any door trim, it was all exposed metal. Oh, I tell a lie - the front grille was a bit less utilitarian and was a black plastic affair similar to an Uno.

Watching with interest, I can only imagine what the most miserly version of one of the most basic forms of transport imaginable can go without. Two cylinders for a start, I suppose!


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Nice work. I was really really hopeful this would end up in here; I loved it too - however I’m being really strict on myself about taking on any more hopeless cases. My “White Knight Syndrome” is temporarily paused.


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Italian colt I think rather than stallion! It's a 30! :-)

It's a lovely little carthough, in a fabulous colour. My folks had a 1982 Panda 45 with the same configurable interior, though theirs was a nice tweedy cloth.

Does it have the cartoon-style owner's manual with the Italian builder in it, wearing a paper boat for a hat?

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What a superb little machine 🇮🇹 

I think the glass on these is completely flat so the glass on the NS will also fit the OS.  Genius money saving idea.

Good luck with it, looking forward to more.

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40 minutes ago, loserone said:

Mate.  Fucking hero.



Wait, sorry, I'm supposed to ignore this because it's not french and doesn't have an XUD.  Can I retract this please and tell you go back to your modern electric fleet?

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28 minutes ago, Kiltox said:


Oh, not that kind of money shot? 

no - thats cleaning thats just wrong/strange/kiltox whatever :D

mirrors - most places only list the post 85 mirrors (same as uno internal adjust)

or the later ones

wheels - try the owners club - same as above


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Mine came with the later Panda/Uno wheels, later headlights and grill so I had to track down the right lights and metal grill.

I ended up with 2 early 4x4 rims on the front and 2 standard earlies on the rear as that was all I could get at the time.

There's a set of 4 on ebay.it right now that look like UK delivery is a possibility- here


Door mirrors (specchio) are this style- possibly shared with the 127?


Engine is basically a 126 unit but with a better breathing head.

I recommend cleaning out the centrifugal oil filter (will need a new big O-ring)- it is awkward as the engine is right up against the front crossmember.

HT leads might be specific.

Alternator is specific to the 30.

Air filter is rectangular, but shared with other stuff so Eurocarparts etc should stock.

Exhaust might be tricky.

I also have a proper Fiat workshop manual, so can help with info.

Look after your fuel tank and door bottoms- new tanks from Ricambi are well over £300...I left mine empty and it turned into colander...


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