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Keyrings - what stories do you have?


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I  think about new content for here from time to time. We may already have had this but hey ho...

I was out driving my '83 Landcruiser today - for a wash and a tyre blow-up - nothing dramatic and, as I was stuck in traffic, thought about my keyring there in the ignition. 

I only use the LC for fun and so any journey is always giving me a good feeling - and in these difficult times sets me thinking about better times and past journeys.

The keyring is American and from Sil-Terhar Ford in the US -


- but not got by me from there - I got it at a French autojumble and classic car event on a long roadtrip down in to France in 2018 - 1500 miles in a week...not bad for a 35 yo 4x4.

I remember a nice hot fun afternoon in a beautiful area and some great cars and people.


I'm not a Ford fan particularly - it was a nice chunky thing amongst a whole collection for sale. 1970's I guess - it always makes me think of that journey and others when I pick it up.


What keyring do you use and any  story?


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I had a keyring for many years... Heavy pot alloy and with Union Jack shield on it. The 'loop' was actually a springy length of twisted cable/wire and a brass 'pip' slotted into a machined key slot (like your bog lock), against the cable wanting to be straight up....

Wore the pip out.... Poing, keys loose in pocket.

Took bloody years to wear out 😕

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I'm very boring. I have (had) a 'Vauxhall' embossed keyring on my Vauxhalls' key, I have a 'Rover' keyring on my Rover keys. I have a Reg Vardy keyring on the Micra keys but also a silver 'Nissan' logo badge keyring and a 'Peugeot' badge keyring for the...well...you get the general idea...

I also have a small box containing many various keyrings picked through my trade-plating career. Mostly Mercedes but also many other marques and dealer ones as I found dealers and traders tend to remove the very good keyrings off the key and bin them because of course, they want their own dealer keyrings on the keys of the cars they sell. I simply liberate and re-home them.

I *think* I have a couple of old keyrings that belonged to my Mum and Dad way back when. Mum had a plastic keyring on her Mk3 Fiesta from a pub/restaurant called "The Old Bush inn" in Kingswinford. My Dad had a leather and enamel embossed 'Rover' keyring. It fell apart during my tenure. However, I did manage to find and buy a couple of exact same Rovet keyrings, one used one for my own Rovers and one to keep as new in packet. Yes. I am that sad.

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56 minutes ago, chaseracer said:

2CV 60th anniversary.


I missed that - lots of 2CV stuff about - certainly France's most popular 'classic' bit like the Morris Minor really. There is probably another thread on the difference between what UK users think of old French cars and what the French think about and collect. 

Simcas from the 50-60's almost unseen in uk.


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In the 1990s I frequently visited the USA for business reasons. I made a point of buying a T shirt or toy for my kids and usually clothing for my wife, to compensate for my absence which sometimes ran to several weeks.  The only items I bought for myself were a couple of ERTL models (toys!) which came free with petrol - on both occasions when using a Dodge Intrepid hire car, and a keyring bought when visiting the Space Needle in Seattle.  Said keyring now graces my '94 Tipo.  The only link between keyring and car is that both are blue. The Mac's potato cam shows it in all its grainy glory.

Otherwise, I'm like Lord Sterling i.e. Reliant key ring in my '61 Reliant.  

Photo on 26-10-2020 at 20.57 #2.jpg

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Ah! Here we go:


This NGK sparkplug is a real sparkplug. I found it on the floor at a mates house (of whom I fell out with spectacularly many years ago)  I stuck it on my then house keys and its been on there ever since.


Agility Fleet - Basically, a subsidy hire car company for fleet drivers. They supply company cars to businesses, usually to child care contract companies or some such organisations. Agility fleet are based in Bromsgrove, and the trade-plate company I worked for of had an exclusive contract with this outfit which also meant I could go home for the night (my company tried to keep us away from home during the week for "mileage" reasons) and the lads of whom ran the fleet side were great lads, always a good chin wag and a cuppa!

See, I can be (rather concerningly) interesting at times.

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I have many many keys/keyrings in use but this has the most sentimental  value by far.Made by myself in metalwork class at school.I gave it to my father as a fathers day gift.He sadly passed last year and it was left to me to sort his affairs.I was extremely touched to find he had his front door key on it.50 years later.Far to precious to use,it hangs in my daily in his memory.


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From the thread title I was expecting stories of throwing keys into a bowl at a 1970’s party, then realised I was on the wrong site.

Most of my cars have no key fobs, a few have  Ford dealer Key fobs, one has a Motorcraft key fob and some have assorted ones that came with the car. This is something I would like to address but have as yet not found a company making original dealer style key fobs. Ideally I would like each car to have a key fob in keeping with what it would or could of had from the supplying dealer when new.

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My Daimler has a black leather, Daimler keyring.

Daimler V8 2.5 & 250 V8 Key Ring with Dark Green Leather Fob & enamel Badge New

My oldest lad made me a Nissan keyring in this tech class at school the i used for a couple of years but unfortunately, it snapped. I glued it but it snapped again so  keep the bits in the glove box.

Now MrsV8 has a massive Vivienne Westwood keyring on her Nissan keys

product image view 1



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When I got my MK1 AX14 TRS last December I received an AX keyring in the post, I still have no idea who sent it to me? 

Because I have a box of car keys I like to attach unique key fobs on them so I can easily remember which is which.

I need them to be reasonably sized as I have lots and put them in my pocket. The picture is a Christmas cracker one that works very well because red cheap multi plastic rings stand out.

If you have any bizarre keyrings that are not giant I will put them to good use and rehome them for you. Has anybody got anything unusual for a Maestro?

IMG_20200207_133720 broad.jpg

IMG_20201027_130202 broad.jpg

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Go on then.

BMW 316 keys:



A Scottish National Heritage lanyard thingy because it's handy (and it was free with something).

The Grand Theft Auto V keyring was also free. A company that made them posted on reddit a couple of years ago saying they had some stock they wanted rid of, so I asked for one.

Then the Swan National Motors one was 50p from a stall at Morris Leslie auctions down in Errol. It's so old it has the Aberdeen area code as 0224 instead of 01224, and it's for a showroom that was less than a mile from me, but flattened long before I moved here.


The Saab 9000 key:


Chocolate Moose. Moose because Swedish. The end. :D

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Not long after we got our Maxi (about four years ago now) we decided to take it to the annual Citroen Chevrons Rally which was just down the road from where we live. Despite not being a Citroen we were warmly welcomed and as soon as we parked up one of the Citroen owners came over to us and said "Would you like these":


They were unused but as you can see the "MAXI" one on the right has now been in use for the last four years and has got a bit grubby. The "AUSTIN" one holds the spare set so isn't quite so dirty. I couldn't believe that, despite not having a Maxi, this guy must have been keeping these in his car until he encountered someone who owned one to pass them on to. I offered him some money for them, but he refused and said that he was just glad that they had found a good home.

The "Saved From The Scrapman" Mondeo we acquired was a Ford demonstrator for its first 12 months then was with Lex Vehicle Leasing for the next 6 months before being bought by the previous owner to us in October 1994. I was quite pleased to see that both the keys that came with it were still on the "LEX SERVICE" key fobs:


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My Chrysler New Yorker came with this key ring which was probably from the ‘70s. The Bret Harte Inn has been a retirement home since 1985. Harold’s Club was once the biggest casino in the world but was demolished in the 90s.

I don’t know how the car acquired the key ring. I like to think it involved the owner driving off at 4am without paying the bill, leaving the room in a bit of a mess. The car would have been worthless in the 70s.



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2 hours ago, lesapandre said:

Step right this way sir...would Semples of Berwick suffice?

The camera makes it look tattier than it is - also it is a tasteful maroon colour. It's free but if you have anything Citroen happy to swap too.



Yes please.

It was bought local to me, but I guess the chances of finding a Rover key ring from the Bletchley Motor Group is slim.

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I've never liked key fobs, they don't do anything. I do like having something more than keys on my keyring though, otherwise it seems a bit bare.


It might look a bit 'EDC', but it's stuff I actually use. Trolley token, trolley keys, 'letter opener', ruler and multi tool which has two main use, tiny pry-bar & bottle opener. 

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I had a little game when I worked as a truck driver and owned a W124 Merc called "Keyring Upgrade".

As Mercedes haven't changed the design of their complimentary keyrings whenever I found myself driving a Merc truck I'd swap my keyring for the one on the trucks keys. Childish I know.

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Somewhere in my garage I have a large keyring, Stamped Edmunds Walker, it was originally atatched to a set of keys for an Eddy Walkers Maestro S500 van...inside the keyring was the fuel card the Eddys used to use. 

No idea where the fuel card went but I still have the keyring somewhere, and its huge!


See if I can find it.

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