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My shite new books - "SUPER - old, odd, interesting, obscure and abandoned filling stations".

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On 04/04/2021 at 16:23, SiC said:


Due to lockdown Christmas got delayed for us, so I didn't get my presents until today. These were on my wishlist:


Super is the South West edition. I've already got the first one (Midlands?) and thought it was ok but slightly disappointing with the small photos. However this is way better and more enjoyable - especially with lovely large photos. 

Many of the town's I know extremely well, including growing up right near one. However there are a few stations/garages in there that I didn't even know exist. 

I've had a look through already looking at the photos, but will go into deeper - once I prize it back out of my Father-in-law's hands...

Thanks! I hope you enjoy them. Pictures were a real struggle, older shots in particular, but overall I’m happy with the results.

I’ve got a few author copies of ‘Nothing handles like a rental car’, as you’ve spent £££ on my other stuff, DM me your address if you’d like a free copy. 👍


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I've just hit publish on the Scotland edition of this series. That means it'll be for sale on Amazon within 72 hours, I will post a link up then for anyone who is interested. 

I didn't pay a proofreader for this one, mainly because I can't afford to, but I'm happy with the content. 

I've promised copies to a couple of shiters, please give me a prod if you don't hear anything in 2 weeks, I've got contributor copies planned.


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