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Impromptu Friday Kollekshun Fredrick - Now With Saturday Morning Collection Content

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Following a viewing of a mediocre BMW 528i earlier this week, I've had a long hard think about the sort of car I need for my new daily and I think I've found something that might just work. I'm off to view it in 45 minutes, the seller is only 8 miles down the road.

Car is silver (I know, I know), it's definitively German, 1 owner from new, sub £2k and according to Auto Trader, it hits 60MPH in 6.4 seconds.

Wish me luck.


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Or a w210 e430 but I can’t remember the 0-60 time. I discounted the w220 S class as I think they are not 6.4 to 60 (at least up to 500- and I suspect 600 would be out of budget)and you’ve previously mentioned their flakiness so not idea daily material in the suitability stakes judgement call.

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18 minutes ago, Nyphur said:

Was it this?




Sure was!

The seller told me about the scuff on the rear offside arch, the scratch on the nearside front arch and a few stone chips here and there. Hey, it's a £2k 20 year old car, what should I expect? Upon arrival, I found the reported imperfections plus both front wheel arches and fronts of the sills corroded, every single panel had a mark or scratch, the rear bumper had four marks, two deep ones down to the plastic, the roof rails had oxidised and the paint was bubbling / lifting... The engine oil smelled at least 30k old, the full service history ended a few years ago.... The EPC (service) light was on.... Within 5 minutes of viewing, before I even drove it, the seller (trader) offered to drop the price from £1,950 to £1,700. I reckon I could have pushed him harder and got the car for £1,500. I walked away.

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  • Peter C changed the title to Impromptu Friday Kollekshun Fredrick - Now With Saturday Morning Collection Content

I called about another TT, which turned out to be sold but the trader, who specialises in TTs, told me that he has another TT, which has just been prepped but will not advertised until Monday, which I can come and see. It's a 180 quattro, 6 speed, etc, which the seller claims is really tidy. I'm off to view it in the morning. 

I've done a £3 SMS check on it and it's all good. I've tried to look up the MoT history but the reg is not registering. I guess it's had a private plate taken off it recently.

Have some pics:




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Just now, Peter C said:


Thinly veiled attempt to make a hot dog breakfast acceptable, go stand in the corner and think about your behaviour. 

Good luck with the collection, I been hankering for a TT for a while but it seems a minefield, even considered buying a damaged one to repair.

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Ran a manual 3.2 for a couple of years  (before selling it at the bottom of the depreciation curve, naturally).

Good, practical 2+2. Although not really 'sporty', still suffered with Audi's idea of 'suspension'. Had bother with ballast for headlamp and the dashpod (twice in 3 years) and an ABS sensor. At the point of miving it in had a sticky flap in the ventilation and a bit of laquer peel to sort out before viewing.

It was over 12 years old at the time so not too bad.

Hope the one your viewing is a good 'un.

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I went to see a convertible TT earlier in the year as the advert suckered me in due to it's genuine baseball glove interior. It was utterly hanging with rust.

The sills, boot lid and arches all absolutely hanging with rust. They wanted £1600 quid for it and had just spent a grand putting it through it's MOT.

I wouldn't have bothered and just flogged off the interior. The design has aged well though.

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