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Prisma project started

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14 hours ago, spartacus said:

I've no doubt it's the correct one but that cam belt is typical of many Fiat/Lancia belts in that it looks way too narrow for the application, my Panda is very similar.

Good luck on the MOT!

Yes they are quite narrow , not a massive problem on normal asperated engines . But the turbo ones especially in 16v form suffered with belt failure . Lancia recalled the 16v ones and fitted later pulleys and belts , it has deeper teeth and is much stronger . 

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Another small update .

When I got car there was no keys , all brakes siezed , all tyres flat , it was filthy , didn't run . Just looked very sorry for it's self .

Quick break down of work done 

4new tyres

All brakes freed off and cleaned up 

Replaced all brake pipes Inc Flexi hoses

Replaced crank sensor

Replaced starter motor

Full service Inc cambelt 

Repaired stuck wiper motor 

Flushed coolant out 

Fitted new lock set 

Just welding left now then MOT time.








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Cheers , I love bringing cars back from brink , it's a good feeling . Been a lancia fan I had a starter motor in my stash of parts . Brake pipes were free as I had loads kicking about at work . Flexi pipes were 10 quid each , and 15 for cambelt. Labour has just been my time . Looking forward to using it , not had a prisma on road for 10 years 

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Well , it was all going so well. Got a letter from dvla as I got this car and it didn't come with a log book . Well something is a miss . 

The prisma has G526BPE reg number on it . But that reg dosnt match the chassis number . When I hpi the chassis number , that comes back as reg number G527BPE . That is also a blue prisma , registered same day too .  Now I suspect them 2 cars had the wrong plates fitted when PDI was carried out . The front plate on my car is the old font so that's been on that car for a long time , also the old tax discs are G526BPE . This is now in the hands of the dvla so anything could happen .

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I've checked the chassis number on the vin plate and the one stamped into the turret top , they both match . I'm 99% sure those 2 cars had wrong plates fitted when new . Especially both been same make , model , and spec , same colour , registered same day too . I work in a main dealers and it happens quite regularly would you believe . Usually gets picked up before delivery though

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22 minutes ago, lanciamatt said:

I work in a main dealers and it happens quite regularly would you believe

Oh yes, I know of several buses and coaches where the reg number and chassis numbers didn't match from new. On one occasion, a brand new coach had different reg numbers front and rear and they had to wait (and ran it) until the log book appeared to find out which was correct.

My dad bought a Lada brand new. It was only when he went to tax it a year later that he found out it wasn't even registered with the DVLA. The log book ended up with some strange words on it. 

Look forward to the updates.

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