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Hallo chaps,

I've been on and off here a lot over the last year with various offline issues - the last 12 months have not been kind, put it that way.

Current fleet status as a starter for ten...

1987 Hyundai Stellar SL - for sale.

1988 Hyundai Stellar GSL - sold on here - PM coming on facebook to the new owner regarding it.

1988 Volvo 740GLE - hasn't run since last October, well overdue for attention. Irritating.

1992 Fiat Ducato - MOT passed a month or so back but we've still not been camping in it. Awaiting small accident repairs.

1994 Volvo 440i - MOT passed yesterday after replacement of a brake pipe, and now with a lovely new dent in the drivers door after Police Scotland reversed into the side of it outside my house on Friday night.

1997 Proton Persona TDi - MOT expired due to spares availability of virtually nil for some parts. Funny that. Parts sourced so hopefully be running and tested again shortly.

1997 Daewoo Nexia GLXi* - not arrived yet, circumstances may dictate that it doesn't now. That saddens me.

Montego and Saab have both gone, with the Stellars to go and WIFE_CMS's Almera on long term loan to a friend of the family.

The ex 83C et all 440i has has a quick tidy up and is now over 83k miles - averaging about 300 miles a week just now, not bad for a £75 end of life shitter! Need to order up a touch up paint to touch in the primer sections.



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