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L8 noose....

I *remembered where I filled up

*not often!!

I asked if my twist on top had been handed in... Q big rummage on windowsill... "This it?" >> offered GM/Corsa screwwie. "Cheers!" ;)

It fits.... Has a twist click ratchet limiter.

So now I'm sorted with One ON & One coming that I can't misplace...

Win Win result :)


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OK..... I have a 'cunning plan'....

The fuel door has the 'poingg open' spring missing and, so, slaps shut as soon as you open it/turn about to grab fuel filler from pump.

I will wrap a split keyring (no hole drilling) into the hinge mech, to secure end of tether >>> open door/unscrew cap/dangle cap down below fuel flap door = door can't close :)

*postie just dropped off my new cap*

Like it when a plan works.


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I'm a 'pragmatic' sorta guy.... SuziQ is not going to set the world alight on StraightLining (... but is a hoot!).

My concern is more my enthusiastic 'corner entry' style (... ANOTHER hoot!) and the state of factory braking... [Last of L8, inst].

A plan is forming for the mildest of mild upgrades  :)

Factory discs are 231/17tk. I have trawled through Brembo and found the Ignis disk is 257/17tk. Same height but smaller c/bore... Bore that out to 64mm.

The 17mm disc thickness is important because I'm hoping to simply relocate the caliper bracket (for the 13mm increase in disc radius) and run my factory brakes unchanged......


This picture of an 'off the shelf' caliper relocation adapter plate is some idea of what I need to make for myself.

Canny little project for when the weather warms up a bit..... ;)



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These are totally 'd'ya remember when..!' >>> totally rusted to memory.

I owned a 5sp 1.0 - totally flat 210% :)

People cast back to BITD when a 1.0Metro pops up on Ebay....

.... Been there m8 + STILL AM "Have the T-shirt" .....

Looking forward to every trip out [Tesco re-supply, officer] but luvvinn it all the same





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At this time of the year & with Covid keeping folks at home...

We go out in SuziQ roughly every 3days, 5 mile round trip to Tesco BUT with Lights/Blower/HRW going all gunz. I have a ciggy socket 'USB/Voltmeter' and it shows a resolute 14.2V at all times (drops a bit when idling at lights)...

Battery is holding up fine and the 3potta crashes into voice @2turns.

Big Winzz ;)


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm seriously considering getting the one on FleeBay @£20


14" and a nice thinnish rim.... Unlike the mattesons sausage I wrestle with atm :(

Engineering obstacles to be overcome.... like larger spline bore? Meh.... ;)

We Will See #update = 380mm dia!


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Wheel arrived...... Mintty mint & round.

The mount is simple.... Two pins stick out back - either side of the splined hole - I will cut a thick plate disc (like an aftermarket wheel centre @6 csk holes) the bolt this wheel onto it = Locked Solid on a through bolt :)

The mounting adapter + height of Mini wheel boss will make rim stand out/away from stalks as factory now.

ToMM© had a fab, comfy and neat wheel.... Pleasant to work with and look at.  This set up is going to make SuziQ a much nicer place to be.....



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6 hours ago, ProgRocker said:

I wondered if the 'new' wheel would fit but it seems like you have a solution to the problem. :)

The standard steering wheels on these do look a bit odd without the Suzuki badge imo. 

Yeah..... Ffinn Lameo 'AirBag stylee'...

I call it my 'pie in your face' wheel.

I'm well buzzin about the new one, owning & driving a car is really the only total self indulgence I get ;)


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Wohh Ho Ho Ho *braketest* .... ooof!

Dingbat vapid she-person arrives at junction lines.... Looks LEFT, moving.... Pulls out!!

"Yoo Hoo... I say, fuckwitt... It's MEEEE"

I smoke emm to a halt and, with a look of mild surprise, she waves and tootles straight out turning right across me....

Brakes Work >>> more of interest to her, in the 'real world', and her drivers door.......



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