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JayPee's kwality* moters......

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Howdy! A long time member and recent contributor on the former @320touring W124 thread. (also his brother). 

I have decided to start my own wee thread to enlighten you with the joys of my automobiles. 

Currently I am in possession of:

E30 316i '316328' 

E30 325i Touring '335' shared with @320touring

Polo diesel (veg) formerly @davehedgehog31

W124 300d (also veg). 

Today was a good day in reference to the 316328. 

After over a year off the road due to me being a twat and blowing a spark plug out of the head, this went in for it's MOT.  



Pleased to say, it's a pass! IMG_20201007_160347.thumb.jpg.e35f8caf3fb21ba68f6894346ce08ba9.jpg

A couple of minor advisory points (brake pipe, and brake wear light on, (has different brakes), but all good! 

Why do I refer to it as the 316328, I hear no one ask..... Well, it used to be a 316 Auto, now it has a 2.8 M52 from an e36 in it. Will post more details later. 

Other than this, the 335 needs a head gasket, the Merc is about ready for an MOT, and the much maligned Polo continues to take everything that I throw at it. 

Cheers. Jp 

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4 hours ago, beko1987 said:

Has the BMW still got rhe chemical metal repair on the tank from SF16? (or was that a different car? It was mostly dark and every time I came out to see you I'd had a few more cans...) 

Alas, it is indeed the same car, tank eventually got replaced when I got home safely* 



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