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    • By Justin Case
      Last Sunday
      A selection of local buses 

      Hard to believe this is 30 years old 

      1950 wants its buses back ☺

      Volvo Citybus, better than it looks, just awaiting a repaint 

      Classic cars from the Owen Motoring Club, thanks for supporting us 

      A couple of Autoshite favourites, thanks to the North  Birmingham Classic Car Club 

      Finally  an oily rag Oxford, which in spite of appearances will not need the attention of the Midland Red breakdown truck ☺

    • By P304r5
      Got no idea if I've done this right but a few people have asked to see my cars so thought I'd upload some photos!
      I got the Peugeot when I was 12 and have had it for 4 years now. The bodywork is awful but it has an MOT and that's all that counts! It was featured in a book called My Cool Convertible which features plenty of other shite cars too. Think it was chosen as most 304s have been restored to a high quality whereas mine hasn't
      My Renault 5 has 23,500 on the clock and is an automatic but drives well and still smells like new inside! The only decent photo I have of it is next to the Mk1 Fiesta which unfortunately isn't mine!

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