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How many cars do you own?

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5 cars, 1 van, all just about legal, although the coupe's MoT expires at midnight (needs some light fettling prior to submission).

Way too many for a single bloke living on his own.

Thank goodness for skint neighbours and loads of parking, is all I say....

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Three, which depending on the day and my mood,  is either two too many, or 5 short of the ideal number. I also own two motorcycles, do these even count? I was looking at caravans too recently, but thankfully, the wife spotted this and began punching me about the head and chest until I came to see the error of my ways.

All three on the key, one on SORN.

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2015 Abarth

2003 Astra Estate

2000 VW Golf Convertible

2000 Lexus LS400

1957 Morris Minor

And I'm really trying to downsize, 2 of them should be gone by the end of this year and 1 will be replaced with something else. 
2 of them are road legal(Ones on Borris MOT) and one is legal if I taxed and insured it. Feel free to guess on which ones. 

Self plug, The Astra and Golf can be found for sale here too...

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Twenty nine listed below. Some belong to my girlfriend. I also have a company vehicle but clearly it is not mine despite costing me a fortune every month☹️. Due to current travel restrictions only 4 of the 29 are road legal but 2 extra could be road legal soonish. 
I think I may have too many cars but would still like a 1600E, Lotus Eclat or Elite and early Rover SD1.

The Mondeo needs to go and also the Seicento,  I would like to get rid of the BMW but that was not my choice! 

My ideal fleet would be all pre 1983 but I cannot see me selling the TVR, and the Panda has proved quite good for a modern car so may have to stay, although it has only been with us around 5 years so is a fairly new arrival.

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The formula of a real shiter, is 


Where X is the Ideal number of cars to own. y is the number of cars you currently own that are not road worthy, and z is the number of cars you own which are road worthy and legal to use. 

I own 1. My wife owns 2. 

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Six at the moment. Seven when I had the Laguna. 

See signature for them if you're on the desktop site...

It's about my limit to be honest. Even this many takes an awful lot of my time and money to keep on the road. Not just maintenance but insurance/tax/consumables/storage rental/etc.

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10 at the moment - on the low side for me.  Soon to be 11 though if something doesn't sell in the meantime.


2008 Ford Mondeo - on the road

2004 Fiat Scudo - taxed but not MOT'd

2003 Rover 75 - on the road

2003 Honda CR-V - MOT'd but not taxed

1998 Land Rover Freelander - on the road

1997 Toyota Carina E - on the road

1995 Škoda Felicia - on the road

1993 Innocenti Small - not currently T&T'd

1972 Renault 6 TL - on the road

1972 Volvo 164 - not currently on the road but T&T exempt so could be quite easily

And incoming shortly - 2008 Citroën C2 Code - on the road


Plus two mopeds -

1983 Honda Spacy 125 - not currently T&T'd

1980 Motobécane AV88 - not UK registered


All of them start on the button (or kick start for the Mobylette) and will drive, but the Scudo has HGF and the Volvo has no brakes at present.

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