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Kia pro_cee’d, Korean coupe for those who can’t afford a Hyundai

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For those of you that hang on my every word, you’ll know that I got rid of my spaceship Civic to find something that was more fuel efficient and cheap to insure my daughter on, she turns 17 next week.  I would link to the thread but I’m a busy man here.

After some top stuff was suggested, I did an Autotrader search for anything diesel, less than £2000 and trudged through a lot of porridge.  Then I found a Kia pro_cee’d (yes, all that punctuation).


When Kia started importing cars into the UK in the early ‘90s they were known as a cheaper, duller version of a dull Japanese car of the time.  Prime Autoshite material in fact, didn’t the Pride even come with optional whitewall tyres?

By the early 2000s Hyundai had bought up a chunk of the Kia business and they started sharing technology and components like Austin and Morris or Volkswagen and Audi.  In this relationship, Hyundai is like Audi and Kia is like Volkswagen.

There were a few gems out there; the Hyundai coupe by the 2000s was a handsome car but Kia realised that designing a car for Europe really needed a design centre in Europe.  In 2005 they built one in Germany and hired Peter Schreyer who previously worked at Audi and did some work on the original TT coupe.

The cee’d was their first effort, it stands for Community of Europe, with European Design and the 5 door hatchback was a pretty good effort.  A couple of years later they did the 3 door version called the pro_cee’d.

It wasn’t quite the normal job of a new side panel and that’s it, every panel except the bonnet and front wings was different.  The roofline is lower, the front is stretched a bit and the view from the side is like a slightly cooler version of an Audi A3.  The whole car sits lower than the 5 door version so visually it’s quite different.

Inside is the same as the 5 door and that means climate control, cruise control (in this “3” spec version), speed sensitive steering, cup holders and whatever modern things everyone else had.

It was offered with petrol engines, an 89bhp or 113bhp 1.6 diesel or a 130bhp 2 litre diesel.  This one is the 113bhp diesel which does 0-60 in about 11 seconds and 115ish mph.

Driving impressions are pretty good, it’s not exactly sparkling but it’s not too dull either, whatever modern wizzardry they’ve done with the electric power steering is effective and for a modern hatchback it feels good.

Power delivery is a rush from 2000rpm to about 3700rpm and then it falls away quickly.  As usual, the 0-60 time is nothing special against the clock but the in gear acceleration is sprightly.

This is an early one so has a 5 speed gearbox, later ones have 6 but it’s quite high geared.  Changing into 4th at 30mph is ok but if your speed drops much below that you’ll need 3rd.  5th gear isn’t interested below 40mph either but I think 60mph is about 2000 revs so it’s quiet on the motorway.

I’ve had it for just over a week now and had a chance to fill the 53 litre tank after about 550 miles.  The trip computer said it had done 54mpg but crunching the numbers it came out at 57mpg.  That’s pretty impressive when you consider I took the M45 to Coventry this week and held a good speed for the whole stretch.

Not driving like a licence-losing twat should see 60mpg which is excellent.

The serious test is whether it’s accepted by a 17 year old girl and thankfully it’s ok.  Having an aux input on the stereo so my £20 Bluetooth module can pair with the phone is the main thing 

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You don't need to convince me about the Cee'd!  I have a 2010 estate model and they're excellent.  Unfortunately it's an Ecodynamics, which means 90bhp - it's quite slow really.  But on the upside, you also get £30 tax, 6-speed and late 50s mpg.

I paid £700 for mine 2 years ago, mainly because it's done 170k.  It drives perfectly still and nothing ever goes wrong.  The clutch has a low bite but 'they all do that sir' and you soon get used to it.  They're easy to maintain and feel as good as any Focus or Astra to drive.  I really rate them.

Mine has never done below 58mpg, tank to tank.  The fuel computer says a couple more, but I keep track of it through Fuelly.

The Pro-Ceed looks well smart!  Nice buy 👍

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They are pretty smart aren’t they?  I very nearly got a 5 door Ceed when I bought our Leon back in 2008 and I always thought they would be a good second hand buy.  They don’t get a 7 year warranty if Kia expect to pay out on it so the fundamentals are solid.

Well bought, might think about one of these for Junior when he starts driving

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I like modern Kias and Hyundais. Competent, well made, reasonable to drive, but nothing special. Modern automotive porridge.

I was rather impressed by the i30 I had as a hire car in 2015, seeing as my previous experiences with Hyundais had been with an ex’s Accent from the 90s, and a very late Elantra I teat drove when looking for cheap wheels, which felt old Fashioned for their model years


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I like the new i30, it looks like an A class.  Nice inside too.  Hyundai are the New Toyota, solid reliable stuff that doesn’t offend and does a great job of being “an car”.  Toyota styling these days is......a bit of an acquired taste in some cases




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2 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

Yes, but that's cheep!

It's got so much history, dealer serviced, LS spec. Drives nicely but does need the tracking adjusting (it's booked in for next Friday) it's got a dent in the rear o/s door and some bad rattle can stone chip repairs on the bonnet but I'm not really bothered as long as it runs well :)

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Almost 3 months in to ownership of this and I’ve done about 4000 miles, let’s have a sum up of  the problems.

I’ve had to fill up the washer bottle, top up the air in the tyres and replace the wipers.  What an unreliable piece of shit, eh?

If you drive hard it does a whisker under 50mpg, drive gently and it does 55mpg and I think 58mpg is my best ever.  This is the 1.6 113bhp version which has got adequate performance, handling is alright and it still looks quite nice in a bland kinda way.

It’s comfy, got enough room inside and is slightly different, all in all that’s a success 👍

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9 hours ago, Billy - Medhurst said:

Funny this should pop up on here as looking for a car and a proceed is on my list. Shame there's not many about locally. This is one I am thinking of looking at. Its a 3 model - What problems can they have?


Level '3' is top spec, cruise control, climate etc etc.  Mine is a lowly '2'!

That one is a pre facelift, but nothing wrong with that.  As GarethJ says above... not a lot goes wrong with them.  Mine gets it's bonnet lifted only to change the oil and top up the screenwash- that's it.

They do/ did have a clutch issue where the pressure plate fingers become weak and the biting point drops very low.  Mine has had this for years; when I first got the car, I removed the small rubber stop underneath the clutch pedal to give me another couple of mill travel and removed the damper unit in the clutch hydraulics, replacing it with a sump plug of the same thread.  This gave me a bit more travel and a clutch that clears just fine.  Pedal is still low-ish but it's no issue.

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