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Yer favourite new tool?

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I'll kick this off with these two.

Brake fluid tester.


Bigger ratchet.


So here's the discount on eBay.
Redeem Coupon
20% off your purchase of £10.00 or more, up to £50.00 off. Selected items only. Conditions apply
Redemption code: PICKSMALLBIZ Expires 30/09/20.
Not applicable across the site, but rather those small traders who we all like dealing with anyway.  :thumbsup:
Here's one that I've bought tools from.
And another.

Happy shopping and don't tell the wife. Thanks.

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Long reach half in 19mm socket, and 18mm.  Very useful for tightening up the shock absorber nuts on my car, with a long allen key socket, a 3/8" drive for the allen key socket, a stillsons on the long reach and a bit of cloth so it doesn't get scratched.  

That's my excitement.


Now edited to say that my 3/4" socket set is also awesome.  Don't use it very often, but when I do, sad autoshite happy moment.

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