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Volvo 850: The Yellow Bastard.

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Recently I've sold my 4A-GE Corolla to a close friend so even though it is not mine anymore I still get to see it regularly. I've had my fun but it's always lacking something, I just don't think it's adequate anymore.


There was a car that I've wanted for a long time. I went and looked at 5 of them (over the course of 4 years) yet every time something happened that was out of my control and I didn't get to realised my dream.


This 6th example, however, is the one. I put a deposit down 2 weeks ago and today I'm picking it up.


It also appears to be more than what I bargained for in some regard...



- Front wheel drive, torsion beam suspension. Cheap and cheerful.

- 3rd smallest model from the brand at the time. It was the youthful and affordable option.

- It doesn't really do incognito. Only blind people wouldn't notice it.

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Collected! Home and absolutely knackered. 2 hours to do 50km. This is what it's like living in Bangkok.


It's already dark so this will be the only picture for now.




The drive home was glorious. I think the previous owner was a fan of Minion though that's why it's painted yellow I dunno.

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3 hours ago, Conan said:

Just to be clear to anyone questioning about it's authenticity. I will not tolerate that kind of thinking in my thread. As far as I'm concerned it identifies as a T-5R. Even the badge says so.



I'm convinced! ? #legit

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So now that the dust have settled, what have I actually bought?







It's a Volvo 850 GLE. This means that it was the base of the base. N/A and very little option comparative to other more affluent model. But it still got climate control, central locking, electric seats, airbag and many more.


But that's besides the point now because it hasn't really been a GLE for years. Especially now that the engine is from a T-5 Turbo model.


The T-5R model really is more like an appearance package than a real special edition anyway. The only difference between T-5 and T-5R is the paint, the bodykit, the wheels, some nice interior bits, slight update to ECU programming, and sports suspension. Nearly all of which this car have received sometime in it's past. At this point the car provides just about the same experience as a real one would.


Not that I give a fuck to any of that, the fact is, I bought this one because I wanted a Volvo 850 Turbo. I've wanted one for about a decade and has been looking for one for years now. I've went and look at 5 over the years, nearly bought 3 of them, yet every time something else happened that I couldn't make it a reality. This 6th example, however, is the one I finally get to realised my affordable dream. The reason I bought this one specifically is partly because of what I've said, I missed a lot of chance to get one before. 


I also have to point out that I did not go out and specifically looking for an R replica. It just happens that the best condition, most reasonably priced Volvo 850 Turbo for sale is one. But most of the ones that are like that is that way anyway, obviously, because people who would go to the trouble of painting an old Volvo in Minion colour would take care of their car.


Usual suspect to Volvo 850, interior trim bits falling apart, electrical gremlins, fragile gearbox. I'll be expecting all of these stuff. Even if this one is in nice shape, it has trim rattle and Lambda light is on. Just like all of them do. And dynamically it's not great either. Front end push and stiff ride. But the engine note is GLORIOUS and perhaps is the only reason I've wanted one of these for a long time. ?


I still can't stop grinning. It's everything I expected it to be. It's an old Volvo. But it's YELLOW and it goes BRRRRR.

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11 minutes ago, Lacquer Peel said:

It looks good! Is it a 2.5 20v?

The rear suspension isn't torsion beam, it's quite a clever semi-independent setup with passive rear steering. 


I'm not quite sure if it's an AWD 2.4 or later 2.5. Goes like stink is what I know. I apologise for considering any rear suspension system where I can just replace fewer than 8 bushings to be Torsion Beam. ?


Also. Pez shot.




But hey. There's more.





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Actually reviewing Volvo's own literature they say it's similar to a twist beam axle so you're not wrong. It's not a typical torsion/twist beam setup though.

I dread having to change the bushes on my S70, it looks like a pig of a job. 

Hang on, it's LPG powered? Even more of a winner wagon. 

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