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A new day is dawning mx5 98 rusty af - for sale £1100 see roffle thread - many fixings parts bort

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1 hour ago, gm said:

Are the old ones gubbed ? I’ll see what I can find 

I must have every size except the ones you need :( 

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10 hours ago, gm said:

Are you planning to paint the others ? I probably wouldn't bother, wouldn't want to make the rest look bad :) 

A mate was restoring an escort, at the time I delivered to a place that did blasting and E coat , had a word with them and they said they'd slide a few parts in for free so he gave me a box full of rusty suspension parts and some engine bits

a few weeks late I bought them back looking better than new, he was happy then sad when he realised that 70% good part he was going to bolt on now had to be 100% good :D

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[mention=3994]The Moog[/mention]
would ya paint the arm or just bosh it on
I have got chassis paint if you want it. Tbf with your car I wouldn't bother if selling..
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