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Adventures with a Van Van

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Apologies for the indulgence as I could probably put this in the Bikeshite thread but would rather have my own sporadically updated thread to document my adventures with my first bike and most likely other bikes down the line.

So my first bike! It's a 2016 Suzuki RV125 Van Van ( so good they named it twice) and when I collected it from Penrith Motorcycles it had just 173 miles on it! The first owner was apparently an 80 year old guy who did 7 miles on it by its first MOT then the second owner carried it around on the back of a motorhome so it's as close to a new one of these that I could find. It's bloody good fun and while slow I can see myself keeping it long term even when I can buy a bigger bike, it's stupidly cute too.

IMG_20200904_180400205.thumb.jpg.4dd40a341b567d7e5a997f080f55a7c2.jpgIt still managed to put on the Fuel Injection light though which could be down to lack of use, a quick Google shows you can read the codes with a paper clip so I may try that, despite the dire warnings in the manual it seems to drive fine so I am going to ignore it for now.  The manual also says not to exceed more than half throttle for the first 500 miles whilst running in, oops!


First 100 miles were covered riding to my accomodation in York which is somehow in my mind a halfway point in my two day collection misson. Going to visit the National Railway Museum in the morning then bimble home.

IMG_20200904_181021703.thumb.jpg.66a20a59f7810c2c8d37ccddaf536ebe.jpgI had this key fob lying around from when I had a Samurai so didn't have to buy a new one.

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That's ace! Bet with a little maintenance and not leaving it uncovered outside in all weathers, it'll last for absolutely years.

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13 hours ago, Christine said:

Didn't they make similar in the seventies ?  Small tank and fat sand tyres ..Most local lads had rd250 or kh250...but one lad no one really spoke to , had this thing and everyone took the piss ?

There was always one of those wasn't there , we had one guy with a TY50 when I was 16 , it did 30 flat out so people soon got fed up with waiting for him to catch up every 5 miles

In the showroom it looked great but if he wanted a trials moped he should've bought a gilera

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On the way home from York I saw a bike meeting so I popped in, didn't speak to anyone though as I wasn't feeling very sociable but I have been nodding at the vast majority of fellow bikers as I guess I am one now!

I stopped off at my mom's on the way home to show off my new steed and even gave it a quick wash which is a sign of how much I like it.


The above image is a clear indication that I live on my own haha, the carpet was already knackered from having dogs and stuff so meh, it's great having it in my living room as I can glance over at while watching telly.


And the mileage now stands at just over 400, I have doubled what it had on it yesterday,. I am going to take it into work with me tomorrow to show off and then next outing should be to the field of dreams next weekend.

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As you'll find, one of the great things about motorbikes is the social side. Pull into pretty much any bike dealers or cafe car parks and other riders will come over for a chat.

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Good effort for just jumping in and going for it! I did the same collecting my Varadero 125 and riding it 300 miles home, took a wee bit longer than anticipated though...

I do like the Van Vans, might have to experience one sometime.

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On 9/4/2020 at 9:43 PM, twosmoke300 said:

Dad has the 200 version . Cool little bike 

I would be interested to see how the extra 6BHP feels on the 200, I would prefer that version as the ultimate iteration of a Van Van but it's obviously not learner legal and they are much rarer as they only did the bigger engine for two years.

On 9/6/2020 at 8:43 PM, tom13 said:

Best thing about these is that they don't really look like a 125.

Yeah that's partly why I was attracted to it, all the sports bike 125's are all mouth no trousers in my opinion.

I have disconnected the battery to see if that clears the Fuel Injection warning light and will investigate further if it doesn't. I also removed the rear foot pegs as I can't legally have a pillion passenger on L plates and when you only have a whopping 11BHP to play with any weight savings can't hurt.

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