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2CV racing: 2022 season


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1 hour ago, chaseracer said:

No, I'm warm and dry at home!  

We're aiming to run a full season in 2021 - so we decided to take our time with the car rebuild.  The Team Principal is at Snet though, managing the Blueberry Muffins entry.

I happen to know two of the Muffins drivers... 

Im not going to lie 2CV racing does look a lot of fun! 

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  • chaseracer changed the title to 2CV 24-hour race: BLIMEY, THAT CAME ROUND AGAIN QUICKLY...

Yep, we're here.  26th on the grid.  

Team Principal smacked the barrier hard early in qualifying yesterday - he's OK and the mechs rebuilt the front end with the prepared spare panels in twenty minutes.  No mechanical damage, though the engine tinware was a bit squashed.


Practice in an hour or so; race at 1545.  Yes, that IS @Talbot on the right...

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Still in 25th, 98 laps behind the leader and 14 adrift of the next place.  Engine #3 went in around 3am, and the car has circulated reliably since.  We have established the issues with the main race engines, to be rectified on rebuild.  One Weber is fit only for spares now.

All good fun.

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23 minutes ago, Stinkwheel said:

You know you want to, I’ve been pre warned to book it off work as well, hopefully see you there emoji106.png

The inestimable @Talbot and I were throwing around the theoretical idea of an Autoshite entry (in beige with a brown vinyl roof, natch) and your name came up...

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Well now you have something to write for the next column default_icon_smile.gif

If this is serious go-er of an idea, I can and will supply a 2CV bodyshell, axles etc

Having said that maybe a few of us chipping in will buy a better 2CV complete?

I don’t have everything needed anymore but will happily be part of this

*edit* I should have replied to chaseracer and not Richard, sorry, poor forum skillz, i shall go and prostate myself in front of a brown allegro as penance
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  • chaseracer changed the title to 2CV racing: 2022 season

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