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Citroen C6 bought, low cost big liability ?


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19 minutes ago, Frogchod said:

As the C6 has been behaving I treated it to a posh wash and wax car wash on Saturday. 

Since then there's been a nice warm wind from the south that's dumped half the Sahara in France. 


10 euros wasted 😣

I washed cars today and the Audi hasn't moved in weeks and I was wondering what that was. 

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  • 3 months later...

My C6  had been behaving perfectly fine until last week when the speedo display suddenly died.

600 euro ish for a second hand replacement or 175 to send it off for repair.

I found a repair kit on French ebay for 17.90 which included the chips required (probably about 3 euros worth) and instructions.

I bought a hot air desoldering gizzmo and a bench magnifier from amaznon for less than 50 euro and set to repairing it.

Dash display can be removed in about two minuets, which was a surprise, I was expecting to take half the car apart... 

No pictures of my crap soldering, but it now works , no smoke on first turn on so that's a result :)






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It's the future way of fixes so the investment in the hot air station won't be wasted! 

My silver laguna had no lights on the heater controls and it was fixed by reflowijg a chip on the board inside. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

No idea why. 

Check engine light came on, then power loss, limp mode I guess, then I noticed what I thought was steam in the rear view. Pulled over then noticed the flames. Then I legged it... 

Minutes later things started exploding so I legged it some more. 

I'm ok, car's obviously fucked, shop will need new doors and windows... 

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Oops, hope the insurance sorts the shops windows out and you don't get a reaming for that as well as loosing your nice car. 

Looks electrical, those French cars always had those in them... 

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ungrateful french bastard - you were fixing it and it does that to you

glad you ran like fuck tho

hope you didnt waste any piss on it not putting it out

werent you previously slagging the german eletrics in it......???

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5 hours ago, Frogchod said:

Today has not gone well... 



Totally fucking fucked. 

Yeah... i know of one for sale and i was mega tempted to take a punt on it.

That's it now firmly deleted from the shortlist.

Glad you're ok and got away from it sharpish. It's just a car at the end of the day.

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Holy heck, just glad you're OK and nobody else was hurt.

Looks like a fluid leak which caught fire but being a diesel it's unlikely to be fuel. Is the hydraulic oil flammable?

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terrible stuff, hope you're okay! such a shame to see such a magnificent machine go up in flames

it doesn't look under bonnet, EOLYS perhaps?

not an expert on vehicular fires but maybe tried to regen but EOLYS leaked on the exhaust? may explain the limp mode before

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