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30 mile collection... no need for camping gear surely?


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I’m unusually nervous about this one... especially considering it’s only a 30 mile jaunt... (well 28 to be precise) 

But the plan is to go collect as soon as the baby stops feeding... 

Im going to stick to the A roads and definitely avoid the narrow Welsh lanes... it’s only done 227 miles in the last two years... so I’m hoping a 30 mile jaunt home will be ok! 

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After the arrival of the baby our old van was too small for the 4 of us plus baby gubbins. 

So it went to live in Scotland with @cms206

This left us van-less and bereft... so the search was on, the key features we were looking for were: a bit newer, at least 4 three point seatbelts and roomier. 

Well we got roomier...,


Talbot Express! 

Van prices have gone crazy with the Staycation but when this one popped up locally and for a decent price, we couldn’t resist and had viewed and agreed a buy within 24 hours of the advert going up!

It’s in cracking condition, and has almost no rust at all! (Which is damn rare for one of these).


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