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406 for sale. Van replacement.

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Good morning folks. I have acquired another french diesel. This one I've owned now for a couple of months now and had a few issues but now rectified.

Some may remember I had a 54 plate picasso. The diesel pump started leaking so i set to looking for a spares car to sort all of its issues. On way back from derby something went wrong with a brake line and brakes became very intermittent so I said screw it and set to looking for a car to replace it with as the pic had a fair few issues and brake failure was the final straw. Nothing cheap locally so ended up picking this 406 up from Coventry 


was advertised at £550. I got it for £380 because if some issues not mentioned in the ad like a weeping rocker gasket ( they all do that sir) faded paint on passenger wing and door ( looks like it's been parked in the same position for a fair while) and a sticking rear offside caliper. Mot history  is clean with only 2 fails,nearside rear caliper not very old either. 

On the drive home I noticed the caliper wasnt working barely at all, it had a strange judder which felt like a misfire at around 16 to 1800 rpm on light throttle the main beams were disconnected and also the indicator stalk was worn. Folk have said parts on bsi cars are not interchangeable but I can say from experience that's not the case!

Onto the issues. first thing was to see what to do with the stalks. The coms unit was a dav brand,picasso was a delphi. Also the Peugeot has auto lights controlled by a button on indicator stalk and wipers control by an auto setting on the stalk which the picasso didnt have. No matter,fitted it to pug and lo and behold it functions fine and everything works even the auto functions which I thought was odd. Auto lights come on and can be overridden by the light switch but they cant be disabled because of the stalk having no function and the wipers work on auto by flicking it to what was intermittent on the picasso.  Now that sorted the issues began. First up was a sudden loss of pressure on the brake pedal. Turns out the master cylinder had leaked into the servo. New servos aren't available. I had a functioning servo and master cylinder on the driveway in a picasso. Will it fit? Let's find out.


The studs on the picasso were longer due to going inside the car where as the Peugeot mounted on a bracket under the bonnet. Spacers were made and it fitted up nicely. The picasso master cylinder had to be used because offset studs on the front of servo which in turn meant different locations of brake pipes to abs block so new pipes made and fitted and braking was resumed back to normal.

Next up was the rear caliper and abs issue. ( think it's a given from experience that all Peugeot and citroen like abs faults!)


big red stop light on dashboard also. Rear discs and pads changed and the offside caliper along with offside hub,bearing,abs ring and sensor. That issue was now rectified.

By this point financially I'm a bit scuppered as I now have my son living with me and because we need 2 cars in this household the main car was the Peugeot and motability car is the secondary car due to fuel economy reasons. Heres to hoping nothing else went tits up. I was wrong. 

The car was still juddering at certain rpm. I swapped a few known good sensors off the picasso,fitted new engine mounts but yet it persisted. finally last week the clutch gave out in wragby. In returning home my friendly mechanic came to fit a new clutch to it. When it was stripped we found a few issues. 

1) the crank seal had been weeping so possibly contaminated the clutch. 

2) something odd with the crank sensor


how it was still running I dont know

3) the passenger side driveshaft came off In 2 pieces. Strangely it had no knocking or clanging,only a bit of drive shunt


new driveshaft,sensor and clutch fitted. Seems to drive a load better. Still confused on what's happened with the sensor but hey ho.

Anyway the car seems fine now,lots more power ( subjective in a 90bhp 406 which has a 0 to 60 of 14 seconds!) All in now the car owes around 600. Looking at the market I couldnt get anything near this with 7 months Mot and the work done to it already. Also financially the car has to stay for other reasons. Thanks for reading and take care. 


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I always regretted scrapping my mk1 avensis saloon. For some reason this reminds me a lot if it with its soft seats and suspension. It's such a lazy car. Certainly not quick but it's ok when up to motorway speed. Being the 90 bhp model too it's simple by modern standards.  Bonus is the climate works great in this heat. Interior wise its clean. The material coming off door cards but its typical of the era and the electric seat on the passenger side works except for back rest. The motor turns but the seat doesnt recline. Odd in the fact it's got leccy seats but no memory function. I'm also led to believe the towbar with twin electrics and Peugeot branded bars were fitted by dealer when new. Towbar electrics brackets had rusted so new ones fitted. I darent try removing the roof bars. 

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  • bub2006 changed the title to 406 for sale. Van replacement.

The 406 and 306 were the last good looking Peugeot's produced.

As a kid I always had the idea of getting a 406 in that colour blue, and then sticking Prost GP stickers all over it. Arguably, if Peugeot were that bothered about F1 they'd have done the same when the supplied explosives engines to Prost.


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My friend’s dad had one like that for a water utilities works van. Somehow he got stuck with it when the whole of the other large fleet had moved onto corsa cdtis and the like. Eventually he took it in for something or other  and they remembered about him. They pretty much condemned it. I think it was one of the very late ones on a 52 plate or something. 

Yours looks like a really nice little van.

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Well I've looked through bits of paperwork and its bt fleet till 2003. First service says 2 months old and 10600 miles! At 11 months old had a service at 24k and 22 months old had 44k on it. To say it's done 117k now it's not done too many miles over its next 17 years. 

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