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New V8 (L322 Range Rover) Shyte Bought(ed) Coolerection Saturday Coming!

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Not much happened in the ?bodyshop today, except a little, flatting down, I think is the technical term. I now have some of Holts finest cataloy knife putty in stock and can see where it will be going alright. Bit damp still up here so will be delaying breaking the 'bondo' out just yet, until it dries out a little. ?



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De-rusting continues, other side isn't as bad/caught in time. New distration arrived in the form of the new 502 style wheels N tyres. ?

Fitted theses big heavy buggers today with the help of my apprentice/son Jake. He was massively hung-over and seemed to think he should be lying in bed drinking IRN BRU, not grappling with big heavy LR wheels.

Nonsense I retorted. You can sleep when your dead, get that wheel on! ?

Took it in turn to bleed the brakes as the wheel came off. Front left, front right, rear left, rear right. Brake fluid was skank so overdue a change.

Look at the shiny!





Brakes get a major upgrade on the V8. Rear discs are 310mm. Big Brembo calipers up front.  That shocker looks to be leaking though and it's going to need discs on the front pretty soon....




These trucks really do turn in so much better on 20s. The Dunlop F1 tyres that came with the wheels are dated 2013, but only half worn so should last quite a while, I hope as they're £200 a pop!

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Wee update. Nothing to report. It just works everytime and is generally a pleasure to own and drive. When the wheels were off, front discs were noted to be a bit on the thin side. Previous owner had fitted new pads, when really it needed both doing. He was obviously thinking of getting rid at that point, so can't blame him. I usually go for Tarox dics, but came over all tight and ended up with a set of discs N pads from https://www.mtecbrakes.com/

UK made, Norn Iron and £55 per wheel delivered, which is pretty good value for what are mahoosive 360mm discs and Mtec matching pads N shims. Discs are drilled and grooved too which is err, groovy.  Hope to get them fitted at the weekend. Should be a straighforward enough job, but will be calling on the apprentice to help with the heavy lifting. The discs weigh in at 12kg each.

Mtec threw in a tube of copper grease, gratis, which was nice of them, but this has no place anywhere near brakes and will be kept for other jobs more suitable of that type of thing. 🤓

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