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New V8 (L322 Range Rover) Shyte Bought(ed) Coolerection Saturday Coming!

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You ever had the feeling/longing that there's something missing from your life/fleet in terms of multiples of cylinders? ?

I've owned a straight-six, a v-six and even a flat-6, but never a V8. That will be resolved on Saturday, finally. Megatastic 800+ round trip collectsions too from central Scotland to somewhere caled, The Cotswolds? Sounds exotic as feck to me....  Do they have electricity and stuff there do you think? 

Is it Saturday yet??? ?


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I'm guessing ZT 260. Just because on the island of no consequences I'd have the estate one of these.

Though they are a bit too expensive for autoshite in its purest sense.

So maybe a Jag of some description, or a Lexus, because you can buy these for the price of a bag of chips in Switzerland.

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On 8/7/2020 at 3:29 PM, DVee8 said:

I to have had 3  cylinder,4 cylinder, straight 6 and v6. But for the last 13 years I have had a V8. Only 2.5 ltrs but still a V8. It makes a great noise.

In 42 years of driving: 2, 3, 4 (straight and V), 5, 6 (straight and V) and 8 (V only).  V8 is easily my preference.

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41 minutes ago, GeordieInExile said:

How many pez stops?

One. 55L (on leaving Cirencester) top up which is just over half a tank. Range was 612miles at that point. Returned 27.3. Was in the low 30s early doors with the temp in the low 30s and the AC working perfectly, thank feck!


Avg speed.


Highest speed on a private road was an indicated 110 and was still pulling well. 

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Hell of a nice place to be and I honestly think, not only the best car I've ever bought and the best truck, but also the best bargain I've ever had too. Huge thanks to Mike the previous owner and all round, gentleman.




Owning a TD6, Ronnie, which is in pretty good shape for his age, 2004, I knew this one would be good, but it's actually different class and the real deal. Picked up for a good enough chunk less than 10% of it's new price in 2009 of £59k.

Great bit of buisness and I'm only sad now that I'll need to put 'Ronnie' up for sale now that his evil(er) brother 'Reggie' has joined the clan. I'd also forgotten how nice it is to have a sunroof and no it doesn't leak.

Thanks folks. I do enjoy sharing our shite with you all and enjoy reading about your's too. Drive safe.

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It's not without issues. Rear upper tailgate is as rotten as pear. Amazingly a matching blue one popped up on eBay yesterday from a 2008MY which looks pretty decent, couldn't be much worse. That will be going on in due course. Both rear inner wheel arches are heading the same way, but will respond well to some TLC.  Par for the course for a RR....






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Final thought for the day. You make money on a car when you buy them. I've made a few quid today. Spent a few grand too, but hey, man maths..... And as @Wack said recently. There's far more fun in doing that that signing your life away to Arnold bloody Clark for some modern piece of shite! Amen to that brother....  


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