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The Fabergé Greggs fleet: Ooops I did a buy

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Finger rubbing! That's a new one to me, I'll have to give that a shot. 

Normally I stick duct tape over the hole and use a sharp knife around the indentation. You can then stick that bit onto clean steel and cut round it.

Good luck with gluing metal on. You'll get addicted.

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With the Beluga roffled I had vital project funds to buy welding gas, mask, wire etc to make some project progress. Whilst umming- and ahhing on the finer points of wire thicknesses and gas mixes something far more exciting than sundries swept in and grabbed my attention, so naturally I did it a buy. 


  • Modern yet ancient 
  • An evolutionary dead end 
  • Has an MOT measured in hours 
  • Has been crashed 
  • Has a bit of a squidgy vibe 
  • Was bought unseen, natch. 

I've actually tried a new one of these which completely failed to ignite my excitement, so god knows why an old cheap one would. Anyway, due to the Covids I'm deeply ashamed to say that I won't be collecting but it will be delivered. At lunch time, no less. 


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Okay so I've only seen it in the dark, but it seems bloody ace! A run around the block reveals that everything is as it should be. I'll stick it in for a test and see what happens. 

Oh, question: should the speedo illuminate for a motorcycle test? 

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