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Marm's Motors: German Swedish & French. Audi fucked again.

Marm Toastsmith

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I've barely driven the Audi, and the radio isn't working because repeated non-starts a few weeks ago temporarily drained the battery. Today it had the rocker cover gaskets replaced (very much needed as the plugs were soaked with oil again) and basically a full service - plugs, oil, filters... 

Of course it has repaid me by the exhaust is now blowing out of the other cat flexi. It is an hateful thing really, but I think I have decided I am just going to keep throwing money at it, it can't keep breaking surely? At some point it has to start getting better. Or going up in value.

On the plus side it's running better following a service, feels much more responsive.

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Forward progress at last on the Audi!

First up it is (unsurprisingly) happier for a service. Seems to be revving much more freely and is definitely quicker.

Even better, today I sorted out the radio - entered the code, manually cleaned the (filthy) tape head (tapes now play in stereo!) and fitted a bluetooth adapter which works really well.

Only downside is to fit the bluetooth dongle I had to disconnect the original multiway connector - the bluetooth thing (blue connector) uses the wiring for the non-existent optional CD changer, but there are also an "option" section which I think talks to the display (so I've lost that) but the worst of it is that the rear speakers were apparently connected via an amp - and I've lost those. I'm wondering about hacking the original connector or whether an adapter exists to break up the connector into 3 sections @philibusmo?







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6 hours ago, Marm Toastsmith said:

Yep, that

The amp and rear speaker outputs are on the far end of the plug, the section labeled as Line-Out.

As an aside, the centre console in your car is worth a little bit as it allows the fitment of a double DIN radio, whereas most B5 A4s didn't come with the symphony radio and and just came with a single DIN Delta or Concert radio.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The other day I noticed a whirring sound coming from the engine bay in the Audi, intermittent and dependent on engine speed. It was worse when going up a hill. Gut feeling was fan blades rubbing against something.

I opened the engine bay and sure enough the seal for the bonnet was trapped under the airbox hose inlet thing - mechanic must have put it back together in a hurry and missed it. I put it back together.

Also, see pic, this hose/trim bit was just loose tucked in to the engine bay. It's in the boot now, I had a quick look but couldn't work out where it had come from.

I'm not planning to give him a hard time about it but it's annoying. Trying to work out whether it matters, probably not. He's cheap and honest, and everyone makes mistakes.

Continuing the trend of things getting better but also going slightly backwards, I got and fitted the connector above for the stereo. Brilliant service from the Chinese lads again. Only one of the rear speakers is working, but it's quite possible that it's been like that for a while. I'm not too bothered.

As ever with old shit I guess part of the secret to happy ownership is accepting that good enough is good enough. The mind boggles to think how many minor bodges exist on the average shitemobile.


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  • Marm Toastsmith changed the title to Marm's Motors: German Swedish & French achieved

I forgot to update this, but in short, the Audi is basically all good* now. I got the 2nd cat replaced and weighed in the old lovely cats for £300 so it was a cost neutral repair. Showed the mechanic that hose^^^ and he recognised where it came from and put it back.

Not quite sure why I need this and a Berlingo but for now I'm enjoying both and the contrast of a rattly simple french box and an over-engineered but nice german cruiser is a fun one.

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On 24/05/2024 at 19:01, Marm Toastsmith said:

I forgot to update this, but in short, the Audi is basically all good*

Oh no it’s not.

It’s ruined my day again with a fucked drivers side wiper. Fucking thing. Was about to drive it 100 miles to a music event, got as far as filling the tank and didn’t even make it out of town.

At least it happened close to home.


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  • Marm Toastsmith changed the title to Marm's Motors: German Swedish & French. Audi fucked again.

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