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failing to fix things... this week: new carb for Nighthawk?

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Caddy has gone to the local VW specialist for a good service (including cam belt and water pump). It deserves it. He's a "fine tooth comb" sort of a guy so I'm relieved that he hasn't found all that much wrong with it, but it's going to be an impressive bill. Fuck it, I'll just have to keep it for a while.

My last mechanic would typically have  changed the oil and filters, checked the pads and fluid levels, and called it a day. If I'd really pushed he'd have a quick look at the cam belt, declare it as looking like "brand new" and send me off on my way.

CR-V is soggy inside and has been for a while. It doesn't get used enough to properly dry out, and it's shaded from the sun  for most of the day outside our house. Thinking about putting an electric heater in it for a day or two, what do you reckon?


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Oh well.

While it was away getting ready to cost me money I managed to pretty much dry out the CR-V. Put an electric radiator in it for a couple of days and then drove it to work and back with the heating on full and the aircon on. The internet said this was a good idea. It made my eyes hurt and the aircon was making some funny noises by the time I got home (and even after I had turned it off) but it seemed to work.

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  • marm changed the title to failing to fix things... this week: Damp Honda

The good news is that the Caddy has been improved immeasurably by the spends and TLC. Also I just had a check under the bonnet and there is lots of clean new stuff under there so I didn't only get writing. Tyres and ICE are always money well spent IMO, good audio and rubber is the main thing that you get in a new car and miss in an old one.

Less pleasing but at least not all that unfamiliar is the puddle of rain water that greeted me in the CRV this morning. Having done zero research on the subject my plan is to remove the plastic scuttle cover and check for blocked drain holes. Unless anyone's got any better ideas?



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Working from home today - site closed due to high winds. Managed to get the kids back into school this morning (I am a key worker) so it's beautifully peaceful here for a change.

Obviously I want to go and fiddle with the vehicles... but...

...instead what about buying a brand new carburettor for the Nighthawk off eBay?


What do you all reckon? Not sure it's even the right one (I'll have a look in a bit) but I'm itching to get out on two wheels and struggling to find the time and motivation for a carb rebuild. Especially as the existing carb has obviously chewed up screws etc. from the previous owners servicing attempts...

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  • marm changed the title to failing to fix things... this week: new carb for Nighthawk?

response. from russian seller: "this carburetor similar but without acceleretion pump, heating, flange for installing.\
Some customers replace carburetor and happy, but need rubber flange"

I think maybe not a goer given the cost...

Plan b would be to chuck a secondhand one on to buy some time while I overhaul the original. Might end up being more hassle in the long run, but might be useful for spares...?

Not many turn up, this doesn't look brilliant, but...


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