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Barrheid Fleeto


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  • 2 weeks later...

Try this wheel thing again. Same satin black as the Tolly paint but lacquer on top to bring shine. I prefer silver, but this hides any sins. Easy job this time.



BINI aside I'm really starting to get itchy feet and want something else,  but given my indecisiveness I'm not sure what to sell to free up space and funds.

V6 velour laden european saloons and yank tanks are grabbing my attention so something has to go. 

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  • Gerrymcd changed the title to Barrheid Fleeto

Week away in Spain on my hols so not done much for a while.

Fiancée sold her wee UP! to sharks as she had a good offer from them. Service/MoT and 2x front tyres due soon so took the money and ran. £250 per year in depreciation over 4 years will do nicely thank you!


Whilst any new car we want to buy will be more expensive, we have no need for anything bigger for a while. Maybe the bubble will burst in 2022/2023 and we'll be quids in or maybe not. Brilliant car but it's been an ornament for the last 18 months.

The Bini has been commandeered and will be used for the station carpark run. Perfect tool for the job.

I've tidied up the floor pans in the 1100.  They are patchwork quilts at the front, but they are solid.


Vactan on surface rust, oxide primer and hammerite. Excuse the blurred photos.



Will cavity wax the sills and box sections here whilst I'm at it.  Will enjoy it for another month or so then I'll take it off the road for winter and tidy up the underneath/ front subframe.  Scraping underseal will keep me warm. 

As the Bini is no longer mine....I wonder if that green lights me to get something else🤔....

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9 hours ago, Gerrymcd said:

As the Bini is no longer mine....I wonder if that green lights me to get something else🤔....

Why yes, yes it does!

The 1100 looks really lovely.

For underseal, a heat gun and a scraper gets the bulk of it off, but try one of these £3 bad boys on your drill afterwards:



They are also good for stripping surface rust before vactanning. I noticed they seem to have stopped selling the big versions for angle grinders, but these are actually better as they get into much tighter spaces. They're cheaper too so you can afford to go through a few of them.


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