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Barrheid Fleeto. Purple Griffin..


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How to begin? 

Purchased the 406 from @davehedgehog31.  

Resisting the temptation to do any sort of fettling until I put it through its MOT.  Headlights were a bit yellow so sanded back and polished. Not bad but not brilliant. She is really bloody clean for her age. 

Next - the indicator stalk was very floppy. Right turns cause the left indicator to come on when it self cancels and gravity takes hold. Culprit is a wee plastic plunger within the stalk that wears. Wheel off. Stalks off and apart. Plunger replaced. (Will skip the part were I had to take it apart another two times to  fix the clock spring and the airbag light). Now the indicator works with a satisfying click.  Yeah the photos are crap. I'll try and get better at this. 






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Other vehicle in the fleet. 

2000 Mx-5. A rare pre facelift sport edition. Which is basically skirts/ front splitter/ air conditioning and blue interior ontop of a 1.8s. Had it since 2016. No plans to get rid. Amazingly it's not riddled with rust like most of them. Stainless exhaust and frame rail covers (because like lots of mx5s they've been squished to feck) and that's it for mods. Did have coilovers but got fed up having to drive over every speed bump sideways. 



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Good work on the 406. I'd gotten used to the stalk being floppy, but was an issue when I got into another car and ended up knocking the stalk back and indicating the other way.

If you're that way inclined, you can add cruise control if you buy a COM2000 stalk set with the cruise paddle.

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Decent pictures to come when it stops raining.

Always wanted one. Especially in gold. I don't think prices are going to get any cheaper so time to buy.

No collection thread as it was just up the road. Few issues such as a weepy ps pipe, some rusty bits on the arches and a shot washer pump that I will fix over the next couple of weeks. Drives smooth and plenty of oomph.

133k. Service history a bit lacking so full service kit on the way. Overdue its belt but I will play roulette in the meantime. .(touches wood)

Pipe, slippers, tartan blanket and travel bag of werthers originals on route. 

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Need to get better at this picture malarkey as I keep forgetting to take any.

LS400. Power steering fix seems to have worked. No leaks so far which i suppose is a good sign.

Fixed the washer pump by coaxing it back to life with some wd40 and wiggle of the motor. Got about a litre of piss smelling screen wash down my back in the process. 

Oil and filter changed. Really black so I'd assume it's not been done for a while. Air filter and pollen filter were hoachin too:


Removed the retro handsfree system to get back some storage space: 




Inner rear arches are looking a bit "crunchy". Wire brushed back, deox gelled and slapped on some wob, a ton of stone chip and dynax ub to keep the weather oot until i learn to weld (it's going be my winter project) Upgraded the battery to larger one to give it a bit more oomph when turning over. 

Gave it a clean and polished the headlights:


Mx5 also cleaned and tucked away under its blanket for winter. 

Off from Friday for a fortnight so i'll change the plugs and coolant on the LS400. I'm sure that will be fun....

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Not much to update probably because I suck at remembering to take photos.

Changed the spark plugs. I was fearful that this was going to be difficult but it was infact a piece of piss. No dismantiling half the car, just remove the airbox and the gearbox dipstick for easy access. 


Purchased an engine cover that was missing and fitted. 20201023_173140.thumb.jpg.d77baaed67b9120171a19ea213be7329.jpg

Controversial install...1x rear and 1x front arch had the beggining of some bubbling on the wings. I rubbed back to clean metal and zinc primered/ covered with some silver spray paint I had. Rather than pay a bodyshop to do a proper job I went full 90's Mercedes and fitted some chrome arches. Not the mahoosive ones you see but slim ones that are thick enough to cover the silver paint. There is oodles of chrome on the car already so I don't think they look too bad especially under natural light. Happy to be told otherwise though. 


Pulled out the rear seat squab to check for rust near the seatbelt anchorage points(thankfully none). Only found 51p so I was a tad disappointed.



New rear tyres. The existing triangle brand tyres have lots of tread but they are old, beginning to crack and are skitterish as anything.  Weird size (225/60/16 and W rated) though so £120 a corner for something decent. 

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  • GMcD changed the title to Barrheid Fleeto. Purple Griffin..

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