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Barrheid Fleeto. Cool Runnings.


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As mentioned in my for sale thread. Slight leak at os rear from hydrolastic suspension on the 1100

Great advice from @BeEP and @sharley17194  to troubleshoot.

Fluid dropped:


It's the tapered joint. Looks to be in good nick, no corrosion, just needs cleaned, thread tape, nipped back up and jobs hopefully a good un. 



...I did absolutely twat my elbow though when it let go 😂


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On 10/12/2020 at 7:16 PM, Gerrymcd said:

Got about a litre of piss smelling screen wash down my back in the process. 

I want a proper chemist to tell me how this happens. How come nice-smelling alcohol-based screenwash and innocent H2O turns into toxic algae juice after a few years?

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  • Gerrymcd changed the title to Barrheid Fleeto.

I've hardly been in the garage for months. Truth be told I've had zero motivation. However spring is a mere 66 days away, so I better get a move on.



Cooling - review and replace bits where necessary. 

Starter - investigate why it occasionally *thunks* and doesn't erm .. start.

MOT - yes it's exempt but it's not been to the man at the ministry since 2017. Think it's about time. 

Red MX-5:

Underseal - needs doing

MOT - needs doing 

Seats - potentially acquire some replacement cloth ones in better nick


Choke - bit sticky last time I used it. Needs fixed.




Pulled the old hoses off, pulled the radiator:




(found a 1/2 inch spanner behind it)


The radiator itself looks tired. Fins bashed and old primer and paint don't do it any favours. I'm swithering if I should replace. Meantime I've chucked dishwasher powder into it to clean it out.


Next update when bits arrive. 

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  • Gerrymcd changed the title to Barrheid Fleeto. Cool Runnings.

Tidied bits. Cleaned up the radiator whilst it was out. It doesn't seem to be leaking so I'll reuse it for now as it's pretty easy to remove, now that I've done it once. Tidied up the inner wings. Which meant removing battery, tray, relays, header tank,ignition bits, fuse box,heater box, strut brace. All simple just fiddly. 

Thankfully the only victim seems to be the horn, but that might fix itself later as it normally only works when the alternator is turning. 



After - better but not perfect.


Bought bits:


Top hose looked similar to an 1850 hose so that's what I've bought. Bottom hose looked like a chopped down TR7 hose, so went with that. Will fit later in week. 

The sexy steering wheel glove is to replace the existing one that is falling to bits. 

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Glad you are doing many positive things to LBT but I do find it difficult to follow the thread sometimes as I have so much connection and history with the car.  Saddens me a tad in all honesty.  Hey ho. I think I said that I bought her in the mid 2000's for £96 on eBay - 2nd chance offer. Bought her from a young guy who was a teacher who was being mildly derided for driving such an old car.  

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