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Daihatsu Fourtrak Project - Gone full frontal!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Finished a chunk today, which is a great feeling.

DB5D10DA-74CA-4DF1-AC05-D4E35F5740FD.thumb.jpeg.33106cb729deba79073cc3fc0a7804fd.jpegdrivers rear inner arch, tied it all together and welded all the repairs both sides, snd joined it to the body mount.

F2BB4969-357A-4AB2-B4E3-E3602DE14EB8.thumb.jpeg.ec542a70ae6556e43253b3010a122fdf.jpegslapped some primer on. Where the peach paint is here is basically new metal. And the grey. So basically it’s 80 percent new in here. 
98C449ED-B2E6-47CA-907F-CE3C08DE9786.thumb.jpeg.2e430b03e01c5098a5f8720acd5d7174.jpegmy home made spring panel from an age ago, this was the first work I did here.

118C14A2-E187-4FF0-9178-E160B7B94715.thumb.jpeg.2e4b9f3891020038db6c1d7863dc86af.jpegEarly pic of this inner arch, 

A5E00B9A-A7B0-49BC-8763-80BD629A1FD6.thumb.jpeg.f7cac100d04542fc57497af76fc95032.jpegnow looking better and far more steel these days.

AC8609FC-8773-4129-8DED-EE525ABF4057.thumb.jpeg.a0f5f045557998a51702999ff7053123.jpegthe outer sill. This has had a big bit of box welded in. Couldn’t stand how crap it looks, so a quick poke...

7C86BC8E-3FF0-4EBA-BB3F-E27D3771DAC7.thumb.jpeg.7067dd37ad538c537ddce9d94188576b.jpegthe inner sill where the box section is welded to.


Out it all comes.

inner sills are better than I expected, first time I’ve used the words “better than I expected, bodywork and Fourtrak” in the same sentence.

31CA6564-88E8-422F-A537-422DB32D79B2.thumb.jpeg.e34ba0ad82d6378500f3910e058fb256.jpeginside area was treated to a skim of filler. This will make it smoother before paint goes on, and I can get good access here now to tidy this up. 

Next time round the sills will be repaired, and new outer sills put on. Then I can close the last holes, prime it all, and seal it up. Can’t wait to start priming all areas the same colour, it’s gonna transform how it looks. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sills time.

Originally this had an inner sill, middle strengthening panel and an outer sill. Some time later a “repair “ was made, and a lump of box section welded in.

6D376D56-AEF6-4B3B-B3C9-9E7856817C0C.thumb.jpeg.7008245637d16e04d2969d1baaf0f637.jpegNice work. I lifted this up with my two poster on these sills some time ago, more crunching than a crisp eating competition occurred.

So I cut out the box section.17D0610B-23FE-4F34-B282-2AC1005E529B.thumb.jpeg.a849a3b80efc843ba3e9d6052820eb04.jpegHeavy box section removed. Existing Strengthening panel is neither strengthening or a panel, or existing in any way at all.


So, overall this should be roughly 140cms, the length of the sill. The rearmost couple of feet atre very rough.


The floor above the inner sill. Sound deadening patch was not for sound deadening, but the only rigidity of the floor.


The inner sill rear section lopped out. And the ever increasing in size flint stone floor option.


Wow! Took about 20 mins of tweaking to get the sill hanging in the right place. Tech screwed this on, to get an idea of the shape the inner sill should be. 

Cut back out all the rust inside before. About 50 percent of the inner sills out complete. The other 50 percent about the bottom 2 inch is cut out.


Couldn’t resist dropping on the arch cover and bumper. Looks almost complete, and in my eyes the sills shape transforms the side of this. Also reminds me how much of this work won’t be seen in the end!

Spent the rest of today making bits for the inner sill. Gonna tack these on with the new outer in place, then remove outer, seam weld inner repairs, make and fit strengthening panel/ mid sill, paint it all and inside the new outer, before fitting up the new outer and welding it on... then finish off the inner arch..... then weld the now about two foot square hole in the floor up.

Nearly done I reckon.

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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak - Sill-y thing to do on a hot day

You are my future! Quite right though, there is something a bit annoying about going to these lengths only for a bit of plastic trim to cover it all up.

I have questions though, and I apologise if these have been asked:

1) what's the peach coloured stuff you're using?

2) do you filler then primer the new stuff? Or do you primer then filler?

3) on the arches where you've welded, are you going to put some seam sealer on it?

4) what are you going to use for the arches to protect them?

I'm interested in the last two really, as I've got it in my head that the best thing to do is to slather on some bitumous isopon underseal stuff I've got in a tin, given how exposed to the harshness of driving they are.

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On 6/15/2021 at 11:54 AM, St.Jude said:

1) what's the peach coloured stuff you're using?

2) do you filler then primer the new stuff? Or do you primer then filler?

3) on the arches where you've welded, are you going to put some seam sealer on it?

4) what are you going to use for the arches to protect them?

Okay, what works for me-

1. Unknown age hammerite rust paint. Found it in my garage and the tin was easily 20 years old, no longer available as is all good hammerite. It’s almost ran out, so I’ll be moving on to summat else soon.

2. I filler onto the steel, if an area where it’s gonna flex a bit I’ll skim seams with fibreglass filler first, this cuts down on the amount of filler used to finish too. Once done I’ll prime it. This for the top side of a car, underside I go weld, paint weld seam with very good paint, seam sealer, paint again, and maybe a top layer such as Raptor, Shultz or stone chip. I’ll probably do the Fourtrak under side with epoxy mastic, probably Jotun brand. The ouside I’ll do with upol 2k high build, but I am set for two pack spraying.

3. Once a chunk is welded, I’ll seam seal it. Gonna probably go like this In the arches. Remove old crap, clean, grind back and finish welds. Rust killer (bolt hamber hydrate 80) where needed, one coat epoxy, seam seal, another epoxy coat. Undecided whether to overcoat, as think painted underside maybe easier to jet wash clean. Considering Raptor to finish, but not decided yet.

4. Rust killer stuff, seam sealer, 2coats epoxy, maybe raptor.

Much of the underside of the Dai-rot-su is surface rusty, so I’m aiming to kill the rust, seal it up and make it east to maintain. 

Welding patches to an old motor, I’d prime and seal welds, paint then a coat of 3m Shultz, I’m probably going further with this rusty knacker than a sane person should. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another day, another 7000 miles of MiG wire sacrificed to the gods of rusty Japanese steel.

Inner sills then...


Original is spanked

F0062A6F-ACF6-44B5-BA8C-CEF22F7F11FE.thumb.jpeg.533493096935153af45a6d554effd2cc.jpegFolded some strips to length and blobbed them on

7A29196D-D69F-42DD-9538-2CB1A411A3F0.thumb.jpeg.bd6f6ebd50804d82b9364636a9246e05.jpegWith a coat of zinc primer, the inner sills started to come together

86297FA7-EBB2-451D-91BD-62A1DEA88A48.thumb.jpeg.b3e04245ecdfd3598c04815d4c2c32e4.jpegStrengthening panel at the bottom of the quarter panel. This was not even attached to the box section I chopped off

4736060D-2E16-42F1-BE5D-4E0E9364CD4B.thumb.jpeg.1fb1c275e0b3f5bc0f674d2b8d10061f.jpegNo Now I could attach the outer to some steel, so I cut it to size.

979B447F-A89E-4923-B4B4-C2BEAC54DB8E.thumb.jpeg.fc27d2b147df20df4d4a908009b58cbb.jpegFitting well in the door shut area88B49052-56E7-4E79-9F64-D45BC6215BD8.thumb.jpeg.fd9a19e181db909f355720edc56a53e4.jpeg 

the hole to close up in the under arch, but shows the three sill layers together. Most the metal in this pic has never been in a Daihatsu factory.

CE4FBA22-62EC-45DA-B4F3-30E9999CD3CD.thumb.jpeg.9cec3b2cfb73bc19b6c01bb9365f5c3f.jpegNew sill will fit lovely. Gonna butt weld it, so hopefully should look nice and neat. 
Progress is good, but may slow a little. Partners Civic gearbox is crying enough and the Mk2 Golf is clonking over bumps, and has a months MoT.  Good job it’s holiday time soon! 

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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak - Sill-y season continues
  • 4 weeks later...

Rusty old nail update.

Been a bit busy on a few other of the fleet last few weeks, partners Civic had a gearbox and clutch change, Old Golfs needs an MoT and also there’s a rusty vw camper  in the unit next to the beast, so I’ve renamed a corner of the workshop “the bay of decay”.

Works continuing in the rear arch, but not much photo worthy to add. 250FC653-6CB1-4F96-A47F-8876C89253FB.thumb.jpeg.70564c0a040e62f30f6fb2618bb483d5.jpegAs you can see, it’s still raining rust underneath, and it’s not been outside in moisture for about two years. 

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  • 1 month later...

Whisper it quietly, but I think the drivers side is done!

E968A33E-7EFC-4AA8-8BBA-5F4367A50360.thumb.jpeg.7b85c1d24f063d8175ea79c1d81402b0.jpegFirst order of business is to close up the inner rear arch.

E4742390-C364-4DE7-8285-6D55D4319EBA.thumb.jpeg.2cfd2f258ce65013fe1dd9cd2ee56d4d.jpegMade this up, and welded it all in. Outer arch cover is on here too, fits nice and covers so much of the work done.

D2006156-C477-4228-9443-9D8AEC0A0303.thumb.jpeg.a56276a50ce4d4e737903e33261e7587.jpegInside, the rear bulkhead (which I had to make loads of previously) needed to be joined to the floor.

Had to fabricate and fit a floor crossmember, which is fitted to the inner sills (which I made too).

Ive renamed it a DaiRicksu now, as it’s basically coachbuilt in this area.

D68E72DE-FF49-4B7D-8CA7-1FA07AE40962.thumb.jpeg.e8e557c23d276ae33366d7bc1755f6f8.jpegWelded a big chunk of floor in. Had to repair and fit the rear seat support bracket, under the black panel that takes the seat base. Ground back and zinc primed it.

79900064-5CC1-48D3-B913-63E29FD626E3.thumb.jpeg.12189120f7276a4469a0902f8b0d83f2.jpegTerrible pic of underside. Lots of new steel here, needs a tidy, prime and seal up. This is taken under the door area, looking back at the front of the rear wheel. 
It’s had some bloody welding, this old crate!

I do still need to weld the outer sill on, which means it’s not 100 percent done this side, but all fabrication is done this side I reckon. I’m also fairly sure the other side is better to start with, so tune in next time to share my disappointment when I realise it’s a complete kipper!


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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak - Get on the floor! Anti Flintstones specification
  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the positive comments all, this type of works a slog at times and it’s nice folk are interested. The internet is really full of weird folk!

Passenger floor then…

55A94A5D-44BE-445D-A3E6-76ABFF60F3AF.thumb.jpeg.a74e6c9ad7d2b47c97c5dab4a550497d.jpegThis is under the seat. There’s a nice big patch here (white bit) this was welded to ever bracket and strengthened going.

03B928BC-554C-4651-87AD-4483AFD63913.thumb.jpeg.ae0cf3f2f00fb4ae4fcc770f909bd924.jpegInside the arch. All been repaired in the past by covering up the rust. Think the last welder sprayed his steel with salt water before tacking it in.

EBDA79D5-504A-4259-9569-1CACD90CDEEA.thumb.jpeg.292da6b18e1b08b9cdb5f26ef59b0703.jpegChopped a load of crap out, and there was not a lot left.9B880226-2729-47FC-B773-F9FEC76B242C.thumb.jpeg.eadb2eee820da9f6e81ec76444bdac8c.jpegPiles of rubbish that fell out or off. Cut the box section sill off with an air chisel, which vibrated all manner of rust and crap loose.
1FD2D004-5B41-4742-8530-8C0AA7892CF3.thumb.jpeg.f098e0a2a5aa505309d6547757ac646e.jpegconcours repair to the sill from the past. Looked great, and for bonus points all the rust was still there, so it was rusting merrily.

AADBE112-5230-45AB-B443-0B763AB1685B.thumb.jpeg.9ef6c62e242b2ac15602dcd0f0317c42.jpegI improved the look of this by cutting it off and feeding it to the skip.

55AE0E1E-56A9-4966-8CBA-3C2920D2F4FA.thumb.jpeg.370aa2c1a5c28ef518980c3ff2e585e8.jpegmmm, there’s a bit too much fresh air in this pic.

0AB9E97D-55D9-431D-A5CF-80D873438F73.thumb.jpeg.56dbcb0583a476c88f41f80dd9262925.jpegThis is the inner sill and floor pan.

Well it would be if there was any left.

Remember I said this side was better?

I was wrong.

Its a kipper, confirmed.


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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak - Dai-rot-su Floorscrap

Brilliant work and cracking thread. You're probably one of a handful of people who would put in the mountains of effort to save a car like this and keep UK roads interesting.

These were THE culchie Irish farmer's choice back in my day. I spent many hours in the back of these along with a mental dog being driven around obscure country roads in South west Ireland. Noisy as F is what I remember

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Had a good few hours today.

Started to reconstruct the missing nearside bodywork.

0DB3A856-BFB9-4F9F-8ABE-A9C4FCF668A1.thumb.jpeg.947c6009a14a47f811573f1851017df6.jpegThis should be a picture of a Fourtrak sill and floor. 

There is a lack of steel on display.

87090FA2-01BB-4EB7-91FE-21BCD6495FD4.thumb.jpeg.5c67961995866df5205c844c68ba23d1.jpegNot sure it looks better inside.

25EA5418-14AF-44D0-892B-9BB7BFC0F6A0.thumb.jpeg.ee5760f68b24f0c84e3c3e78b9cf26d0.jpegStarted on the inner sill right at the back. Approx 2 foot long this piece.

2F427C68-7B0F-42B5-AE59-9EA0A69271DC.thumb.jpeg.3a11c2351c9b3c0e91925e9367bafc38.jpegWith the very top of the inner sill in, I made the rest of the inner sill. 
My eBay outer sill was trimmed up and screwed on and off several thousand times. 
E857FA35-FE67-4F8D-8DFA-D913FA1C5CEB.thumb.jpeg.b1ee68da1348602ab25630bf3fc8b5af.jpegWith the very rear done, I moved onto the mid section. This was fitted to the outer sill shape. 

The total lack of any original Daihatsu shape on this means most repair sections are free hand.


C5C20EF2-70C5-45CF-A986-614EDA34FB84.thumb.jpeg.121ef203772e5cb10c9d547142fc42c8.jpegMade and fitted a floor cross member on this too - it’s whet the earth clamps attached in the second picture.

0C85BD56-E284-45B0-BD88-12A43822DB07.thumb.jpeg.e48536f6e65c9a6e1b97d9f89b2f6003.jpegOuter sill hanging on. The shape looks excellent in my opinion.

456873CE-9A20-4CE9-97E2-0A1961C89C84.thumb.jpeg.abfacae773ab41254a2fc3c1a6d81eab.jpegThe very rear of the sill.

Most of the bodywork here’s never been to Japan.

Looking much nicer than the crap box section bodge.


BEFORE: crap

2D8C7AE5-919A-47A6-BC02-537FF1AE4765.thumb.jpeg.67be68ea85b520b34c9d5a0ca14375aa.jpegDURING: looking good.

Tune in next time to get none of the questions your probably thinking answered.

Such as: Will he ever stop welding the old shit box? Why is he bothering? Does Daihatsu plastic also rust? Is he ever gonna look further forward than the doors, under the front arches?

Im dealing with the front end by pretending it’s fine.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Made some more progress on this today.

6B9586E0-E2BC-4153-B60B-0F5998A64C8D.thumb.jpeg.f4a947c0971cdf0878e916206b3c5131.jpegpassenger side inner sill finished and zinc primed.

BBF83851-A85E-4E92-8CF2-FF4AC7A8D2A5.thumb.jpeg.fe0a5e1fc178d9ac569d60a29fcf10f3.jpegfloor support piece fully welded to sill.7E5DAC72-9AD5-4C72-AB2E-687000EF0ADB.thumb.jpeg.1d5b678e82bcd19b197576f3c6ec9662.jpegThen I moved onto making bits for the floor. This is to go under rear seat area.

3535E352-E11F-454B-AD92-EE9EB8A6B3B8.thumb.jpeg.0649eea089a11fec8586ae6bd51d1783.jpegFloor section welded in, mig welded, and plug welded down to the top of the inner sill.

65688020-1A00-4836-9606-FE198832B08B.thumb.jpeg.42218b7bd808df9b1ef6048919c500fc.jpegThe floor patch above runs from the rear third of door, to the floor strengthener in the pics before, the under seat section goes on top of it all.

4149BCAE-5041-4249-A9D7-2B8BBC3EEB94.thumb.jpeg.b35c42f7e4cc8c0b800f12ae62e63c16.jpegIt nearly floats!, just the inner arch to make and repair, and weld on both outer sills. (They are fitted, just need welding on)

The light at the end of the tunnels getting closer!


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  • 5 weeks later...

Threads due a proper update, but I’ve wrapped up the floors, refiffed the back seat mounts, and closed up the rear inner arch bits left to do.

Had a few hours on it Saturday and the passenger sill is now on.

28945E1B-0892-4975-A6B7-F5CB3856DCD8.thumb.jpeg.bca7917651105357824988f5ced4b82a.jpegAll the inner arch is complete this side now too, as are the floors. Unless I uncover more, I call the passenger side done! 

quick time line:





With this done, I put all its wheels on and dropped it on the ground, for the first in a while.

C9B283BC-5E5E-4CC5-9FB9-D10D81DF8B93.thumb.jpeg.edbac30ba536b352c7ed697beeb15bfa.jpegMost the rear floors look like this now

91C637C7-5A37-4608-B223-95016B8E1B8F.thumb.jpeg.f27e5c9a0d0b35b4dda77e086fb7dca5.jpegNeeds a good clean up inside and out, and hopefully I’ll get the other sill on Saturday. 

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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak Project - Less rusty than it used to be

Busy now prepping up the other outer sill before welding it on.

B3353264-E1EA-438A-9D37-AF6B8670207F.thumb.jpeg.3abc564f12d279626e1528edc071272d.jpegdrilled across the bottom flange for the plug welds.

A60238B9-A32A-462F-A649-65E0D5505931.thumb.jpeg.67a12325cfa4a4f51d691eeb17c7fcb2.jpegpunched the ones across the top flange. (Sills upside down in the pic)04679270-51EE-48B6-BCBB-48980B3B1D2B.thumb.jpeg.17c9f253d95d4115655bbad50adeef4c.jpegCouple of coats of zinc paint. I’m gonna inject the sills with Bilt Hamber Dynax wax after paint.

D925A7C9-1DFC-4572-8106-C28ECBE45A11.thumb.jpeg.01a29dc06002c4e49a470e2a2b50c203.jpeg The inner sill. I reckon I made a better job of this on the other side. Gonna redo the bottom flange here I reckon. More zinc paint in here.

F7B47448-DA10-4DBE-8520-8F7225A3EA5A.thumb.jpeg.7af3ddeb434d14e5a327dad03ce3a8c2.jpegWhilst the primer dried, I cleaned up around and inside the old beast.

BC4E4DB0-972B-44E6-B762-C6BC6C4228C5.thumb.jpeg.206dedc2d9a9c78dd19bb139c3c6c65a.jpegFour dustpans of crap swept out, and a quick hoover later.

BFC1EEE1-336D-423E-8389-22E7BF94CEB2.thumb.jpeg.d1660c5f4bfda382bdeb11c226c0e75a.jpegwaved a torch around underneath it to look for more holes. Found three, this being most obvious.

List of welding jobs left

1. Offside inner sill bottom flange - make and fit

2. fit offside outer sill

3. three holes in floorpan

4. front crossmember behind radiator

5. Exhaust brackets, hangers and cable mounts underneath. 

Once done and painted, mechanical jobs are gearbox oil leak, new clutch, fit remaining rear bushes, New brake pipes and lines, new fuel pipes, new rear shocks and new exhaust. 
Not much then!




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  • 2 weeks later...

This might be the uks only Fourtrak with two 100 percent steel sills now.

0D596235-91BB-430E-99D8-277CAF40B6FD.thumb.jpeg.88118d52ebb1756af8b1bd3b69a99e7b.jpegThis was how I’d left the inner after repairing it a few months ago.

I wasn’t happy with the bottom flange, so rejigged it with a proper flange.1E3D413C-9A52-49DB-8C7C-441FB7C0FF91.thumb.jpeg.3ad77fe9074e148b1bc6470216611da6.jpegThis fitted the outer sill much more cleaner.

D731A38F-980D-49FF-A62B-AA7C375BF6D8.thumb.jpeg.3eb50acf7146c2efb5d622db43d55c76.jpegThis pic shows some of the many bits stuck together to strengthen the sill and floors. Lots of weld! 
4C599A5D-726C-4A0D-8111-855CA56961BD.thumb.jpeg.6cdf2508ed10be98129adae698d2c39a.jpegThen it was time to butt weld the sill on. This is along the rear quarter.

2321D9B9-1F41-40CF-8492-88048CB8F55C.thumb.jpeg.17092a2b1d7cd2d7ecd06a98c6ef1c6e.jpegInside the door, front edge.

31DD3257-FD30-4636-A19A-42EE9E36D0B5.thumb.jpeg.f03a815fabf48c46eb02b65d2211fb27.jpegUsed a jack to push up the bottom a touch, to enable the plug welds to be done.

27C71EE7-8303-489A-9B47-7C10EB4281D8.thumb.jpeg.40579a330ccf3ec864d87fcdaa5c3c30.jpegPlugged along the bottom.

AA3A8B8E-7087-48E8-9FDA-C39D8ED7A3B5.thumb.jpeg.6ce234ec205e988f8928c6f0ddc81131.jpegground the welds at the front and primed it.

3B228785-961E-484A-BB88-5F3B97A9DAD7.thumb.jpeg.050ec2ddc2058266f99bd22a2b1b9f5a.jpegSame for the rear quarter.

All this messing about means sills of steel!


She’s a beauty. (In my eyes anyway!)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Probably end of year update, although I’ll try to sneak another couple of hours in before new year.

Finished of the inner wheel arch to sill join


Tiny bit of weld is where the floor, inner arch and body mount but join. This is strong now! 

F182A30A-D956-4389-BAE8-460920799345.thumb.jpeg.f2c8dcb3905f0732dd72d840a26502ab.jpegAlso been finishing off the filler work on the arches, both sides.

None of this seen. I don’t like to remind myself often.

Also tidying up, derusting, and rust treating the inner arches as I go. Been using Bilt Hamber rust converter, and it’s great stuff.

As I guess this is the last post this year, I’ve added a montage of Daihatsu crap piles, sort of a greatest shits compilation:

A472A8B8-CED0-4369-A73E-39C09C5984FD.thumb.jpeg.d7d0554826936b72010b7827bc1f931e.jpegwicked awesome piece of floor and inner arch.

8F60EDA8-C451-4FE4-BDFE-43C89A90D330.thumb.jpeg.0f0fb1b734267a060db706f075f8ec0c.jpegpart of the rear wing. Surrounded by mud. Which fell out of the bodywork

9810E788-7F9A-490A-83F6-930CF68D52CA.thumb.jpeg.145e7b97f3f2e0949c41e0b378ab36e8.jpegthe wonderous sill. 
E8EA5668-4437-40BF-A4CA-53F50A40F21A.thumb.jpeg.47e9e0a2256328fb1e4f9fc776dcf685.jpegmore rust and mud. Some poo too. And some Fourtrak structural strength


Been a crispy year in Daihatsu world.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Changed from snorting filler and rust dust today, and started on the solvents.

61017E15-D9DE-42C4-B598-89FAB492F174.thumb.jpeg.4f77c2a6754025480e6e1efd1ca05501.jpegBeen filling for a while on these arches, which are a free hand patchwork of metal pieces.

082D3D7E-C9EE-43B4-92F5-6FA32EF850AF.thumb.jpeg.230a0f5d0addbecc10cb1a01d12eb9c0.jpegOther side. Also made the bodywork that sits under the bumpers.


Filler flatted down…

21C4D6C5-6F6C-47C3-A1C4-398ADAA9DD5E.thumb.jpeg.e1471204c5110355a944fa40a9e7a81f.jpegThe other side..

6DE76252-4784-4DC7-BE2D-7A72D4149F69.thumb.jpeg.5e1a1583d03699ed5b407ecb83254a8c.jpegPassenger rear. Jotun Epoxy mastic paint can be seen on the chassis and inner arch. I painted this on last week, now it’s hard enough to seam seal.

1C93FD31-1155-4BF7-A42D-9BEF67B1502A.thumb.jpeg.557b3c19d1428c4c52141444f04bb9b9.jpegMore plates than a Greek restaurant 

358AACD9-65F7-4E97-8771-9D155CCBA5AF.thumb.jpeg.ab2960f730c80abbf62f2d756f432e92.jpegMasking applied. I’m still crap at masking up.

DDC3CF87-6827-45F9-9B1E-C5B5F8866C5E.thumb.jpeg.a4d090beef3a93fae3c2b64f3e56270f.jpegMasking the other side too. Cos I hate myself

20D16D41-AF0B-4C71-9714-5460747BD4D9.thumb.jpeg.4935e9d67743c98f524af9d6316c74b0.jpegPainted! With an aerosol.

E6AAA17D-3F0D-4FE4-A2FC-D8ED80B10561.thumb.jpeg.d54a1848605527b6ed9d204165dde74d.jpeglooking less patchwork

03645B26-EFFF-4585-8E9D-4475FF4467FD.thumb.jpeg.e56c9294c3cae0663350985c39f98af9.jpegMassive motivation boost here

349A0DB1-9B2B-47F8-BD54-66441CA2143A.thumb.jpeg.794e1e894cb15487d0d0535ae8a66100.jpegThe other side.

Been using Hycote brand aerosols, both here and with the zinc primer I’ve used on this car. Really impressed, covers well and easy to use.

Inch by inch it’s getting there! 

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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak Project - Less patchwork than it used to be
  • 4 weeks later...

Fresh from the massive morale boosting primer going on, I decided to chuck the old rust bucket on the lift to wrap up some jobs in comfort.

E0513526-9F43-468C-BDF7-FD811765EA98.thumb.jpeg.cbb47cdcfda190a6d707ae97c47120ff.jpegsolid enough to lift!!

0B3275BE-4109-41AB-9E55-084FC3333F1B.thumb.jpeg.624bc4b3523904c2096a0b7b57fa1fc8.jpegThe Fourtrak can fly!

5BC856F6-1271-4268-A423-2183856EA5AD.thumb.jpeg.b8bf03eae50e587d9a0e522b0e8709b2.jpegOff came the wheels

0EC46D5E-C1C8-4339-9D0D-B2E7A679E0F0.thumb.jpeg.4ee5d0baf70c39734676fdf73c72d8fa.jpegBeen dealing with the front condition of this thing by pretending it’s fine so far…


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Let’s have a look then at the front…

22D05A92-2B7A-41E6-A1C1-DF176884471F.thumb.jpeg.0870030b53988fcbff552b66d4c652e7.jpegcute face

B01D0B2B-D9EA-4993-BFFA-C14F422AE9F1.thumb.jpeg.b9bbedca499e2d45c550da8e45e7753f.jpegbumper and grille off. Around the steering box areas looking a bit rough.

29FAB346-A6B5-4927-8E2D-CE781F316AF6.thumb.jpeg.1f349b2afdc7e8d48fcd93c999dd52e8.jpegTide mark of dirt is telling!

179EBB8F-943C-4EC0-821E-4FBA4B016FA8.thumb.jpeg.9e678f6dcebe7421c066f5698ee3b6fb.jpegoff with the wings to get a better look

B01A1872-665D-4680-8C7F-3BDA92D95E1B.thumb.jpeg.8d9dae17b1e9c7946ec375d0ee293ddc.jpegFront panel un bolts. The steering box and chassis is fine, but the area of the front panel fell to bits.

AE55D659-F0CD-4443-A3F3-5518180AB36F.thumb.jpeg.e10205a7e24d2a11c330070d7e8120f3.jpegFront of chassis is very good.

B5F06896-8F9E-410D-B24B-E57276F243CA.thumb.jpeg.2d714e985a2dd493aca8e02c5cc8f3bf.jpegFront of Fourtrak is looking a bit sparse at present.

My partner has summarised recent events as “scope creeping”. 

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  • rickvw72 changed the title to Daihatsu Fourtrak Project - Gone full frontal!

Great to see you continuing to exterminate the ginger bugs from the underside of the Fourtrak. 

It's brought back memories from just over a decade ago when my brother was into off-roading and greenlaning. I went out with him in his (now virtually extinct on these shores) J Top Pajero which performed amazingly all day. This poor old Fourtrak was being driven by a slightly overzealous lad who hadn't quite got the hang of things though... Paj to the rescue! 

I'd say yours has outlived the huge majority of it's brethren and then some. Keep up the good work!


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      Paid and picked up today by @Inspector Morose. Awaiting delivery tomorrow by @worldofceri.
      Been a bit of a shit year, so a little Xmas present to myself with some inheritance I received this year. Rather quite excited!!
      Had some issues with the V5 earlier today where it was still on the owner before the sellers name. Got a receipt and the seller seemed pretty genuine. 
      Bought sight unseen, apart from some poor pictures on an eBay auction. So also a bit nervous. Has been regularly MOT'd with no real bad advisories or failure till 2018 though.
      The eBay auction is still about if you look for it. Not the price I paid as it didn't hit reserve, but wasn't massively more. No pictures apart from that and this from a March 1996 Practical Classics

      Hilariously* I think this car actually is now suffering from the issues warned about in this article. 

      Will need some welding to both back rear arches, nearside (bolt on) wing and a-pillar. The pillar is the biggest concern as these can be rust traps that rot out from the hinge. Underside looks good from the photos though. 
      I'm promising myself not to poke to begin with and just drive the bugger. 
      More tomorrow.
    • By rusty_vw_man
      Been a serial lurker and occasional poster of nonsense, but have never quite got round to posting some pictures and the ongoing tribulations of being a serial VW licker.
      First a disclaimer - I like old VWs, partly as I grew up with them and partly because I understand how the work and I can fix* them. I do not like the 'scene' attached to them, it seems to attract too many of a certain type of person I am often allergic to - they bring me out in a shouty rage. 
      First car was a'69 beetle in red, driven flat out everywhere  until the rust took it. This was followed by a succession of Mk2 golf , vauxhall omega (vauxhall being close to VW in the sales ads)  a free Mk3 golf which was dire and tried to kill me multiple times. I have no photos of any of these as they were pre-camera phone and mostly awful. 
      Then came a T25 camper bought using generous donations from friends and family at our wedding . Bought, and a week later after hovering 15 years of dog hair out of it, we drove it all the way to northern Norway on honeymoon. Used it for a while.
      Bought a vauxhall astra estate (again, it was almost a VW in the sales section). It sucked. It did a year of commuting then it was scrapped. Was gifted a skoda fabia estate by my dad as a sensible run around. 
      During this time my wife wanted a sensible runaround for her and the kids, so we bought a bright orange 1971 beetle (rusty of course) which was excellent fun. People were openly critical of apparent lack of regard for our offsprings safety. I pointed out it had seat belts.
       Due to rusting the T25 was sold as a project, the Skoda was sold for being too dull and a T2 purchased.
      Here is the peak of VW ownership, where the beetle, bay and T25 are all in one place just before sale:

      So now we had two aircooled vehicles, the newest of which was  made in 1973.
      This lasted for exactly 9 months., during which I did lots of this:

      to be repeatedly rewarded with this:
      When the breakdown driver asks how the kids are getting on, you know you've seen him too much....
      I also conducted some invisible repairs on the rusty bits of the beetle. I'll point them out if anyone can't see them:

      A promotion and car allowance then allowed me to purchase a C3 Picasso (best not ask, I hate it). Its purple. I feel like a dick when I drive it. 
      Beetle then had to go due to third child and not enough seats, but it had the good engine, the van did not. A swap occurred. My neighbors love* me and find my antics endearing*. I clearly have no need for a drive or garage.

      After 1 too many FTPs, I was told van or family. I chose family and the van left. 
      I then went a looked at another T25 minibus (three kids now) and was in much trouble for even considering another van. 
      Two weeks later, after some small* arguments* we were in total agreement* and the van was purchased. 
      Roughly 18 months ago - note lovely laqueer peel, mismatched rear wing and low level tide mark:


      After some light fiddling I have made a very basic day van affair, and we dragged it with camping gear and the three kids all the way up to the arctic circle in Finland last summer (wife has family in that part of the world).
      6 days before departure I noticed the rear suspension had a bit of paint hanging off. I pulled and it showed this below:

      Trip to machine mart, a google of "mig wleding for numpties" and a youtube video later and I'd made this:

      and away we went. 
      Here it is in a moody B&W photo  in the land of the midnight sun, which really brings out the high quality paint. the rear suspension is still attached though, so winning. 
      That's an epic catch up post really, but will use this space now to document the exciting* repairs and work done on it to keep everything attached .and working.... 
    • By vulgalour
      Fackin oops.

      My goal was not to buy any more cars but with the Lanchester out of action while we work through it and make it safe to use, and the Princess out of action and needing the engine to be removed (a job I am procrastinating about, and when I'm motivated am thwarted by schedule and weather conflicts) it was getting more obvious that I needed some personal transport.  Something basic and reliable that I know my way around, that's going to be cheap to buy and run.  This is an ideal candidate, on paper.
      Whether I really can just use it as An Car or will end up getting all finicky about making it nice remains to be seen.  I just want some hasslefree pootling for a few months and normally Maestros are just that.
    • By cobblers
      Right so! I was looking to lease an EV through the business, but completely failed due to hating new car dealers, hating touchscreens and eventually settling on a hybrid which is out of stock until mid-late 2022. 
      So I gave up and decided to get a Land rover. I failed at that too, after my mate sent me a link to the advert for this on ebay, at about 9pm. Ten minutes later I had arranged to drive down to see it the next day.

      I'm a glutton for punishment, and I really miss my last t25 so it was pretty inevitable that I'd buy it. It was more money than I'm used to spending on these, but overall I was pleased with the deal.
      A dawn raid by our very own @worldofceri had it delivered on Friday morning:

      It's a Swedish van originally, and was imported in 2006. Incredibly solid, never been painted and a fantastic "worn in" look. It's a 2.1 "DJ" engine which is pretty healthy but as usual is weeping coolant from various places, they all do that sir. A friend has a rebuilt engine on his shelf so I budgeted that into the purchase - We'll see how it goes.
      Totally original other than someone put some mega Fox/Gowesty suspension on it, proper mega bypass shocks with external reservoirs and stuff, so I reckon I can probably take it off jumps or something. I won't.
      My plans are to (after cleaning the filthy interior) to just run it about, more or less as it is. It would benefit from a set of tyres - these are worn very ridged on the fronts that makes it even more noisy and harsh to drive, and has no spare wheel.
      I've rotated the tyres so now the front ones are smoother, we'll see how I get on. I do need to source another matching wheel for a spare as these are full time 4wd so you need to keep the tyres rotated regular and within a very similar tread depth. look - there's even a sticker telling you to:

      I really need to get some new number plates for it! If anyone knows a place who could make some OE style ones with that font all the VW dealers seemed to use in the 1980s, that would be grand - I want some with the dealers logo putting on the bottom:

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