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Project Murky Merc

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More YouTubing..... this has revealed the most likely issue with the sunroof. There are two bolts holding the motor in place, the bushes deteriorate over time and the lip disappears, a small washer on each bolt may restore sunroof happiness. 

I will scamper over to the garage shortly. 

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I'm in the process of swapping my C180 alloys for steel wheels and hubcaps. They are 15" wheels shod with 6 month old 195/65 r15 tyres. They all match and are balanced but a budget brand. The alloys are this design:



Interested? They are missing 2x centre caps and have some brake dust muck on them but plenty of life left. They'll come with bolts too if needed as the steelies need shorter ones.

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  On 6/28/2020 at 10:27 PM, Noel Tidybeard said:

may i draw your attention to this Mr Bargeken


39 squids instead of 60 sovs

@95 quid Peugeot and I have also taken advantage of this deal. I took my Corolla Verso down the other day and after approx 45 mins the guy came back out and said I can't get it to blow cold. It must be your compressor. 

Various tests done, new (to me) compressor fitted and am booked back in for 9am on Tuesday. Good gang down there at the Reading one. Wonder how much they'll charge me to just balance the two front tyres quick.....

Havent redeemed my groupon voucher yet either so only paying the once. That was good of them I thought.

Booked for Monday at the St Albans branch.

Going to get the reg plate bulb shortly.

Will also investigate the SRS fix....

Panels on their way. 

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Thanks for the piccies mate.

There was a fault code being thrown up on the dash display, a blown bulb in the reg plate light. 

The screws were utter shite but eventually came out, the lenses were filthy and were scrubbed with a toothbrush and dried. New bulbs fitted, I eventually found two after a bit of a search.

Light happiness achieved. 

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The rear number plates screws are horrible and very firmly rusted in place. 

They will have some duck oil applied and hopefully they will be removed. 

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Glow plug set ordered

Injector o rings and bolts on standby just in case lol. 

SRS emulator also ordered.

AC check on Monday. 

Panels nearly arrived.

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Are the panels in the same colour? Always fancied one of these, like the colour and spec on this one.

Is the economy staying up where you'd originally got it to?

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Panels turned up as promised, they are the exact colour, yippee. 

The wings are in great condition and as is the door bar a couple of teeny super market type dings. I have no issue at all as the door card is perfect, as are the speaker covers and lecky window switch panel.  Saves me buying them separately.


Might even price up a bonnet as mine is quite stone chipped.  We shall see. 

The new door is safely secured in the boot, holy shit is it heavy. 

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Tomorrow will see the Groupon voucher being deployed at the St. Albans ATS place.

Let us hope it is a straightforward regassing situation and not anything else.

Weds will see the wings, door, SRS thingy, glow plugs sorted, maybe also the sunroof as I haz washers to try and bring about a fix. 

We shall see. 


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Groupon air con voucher used. Aircon is now frosty cold, however, the report said that tge system has nil pressure initially and that might indicate a pin hole leak, so they could not say how long I have the cold for

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So today was a productive day....

We did plan to get more done (clay barring and polishing/waxxing but I think our plans were a bit ambitious! 

Ken pulled up and having just completed a 60 mile trip and the engine nice and hot I set about removing the engine cover and cracking on with the changing of the glow plugs. 4 obviously being a 4 cylinder (C220 CDi 150bhp) the first came out perfectly. Swapped, copper grease and back in. The second and third however just kept on turning. I tried to shock them by tapping the extension that was on the plug but alas it made no difference. The 4th came out perfectly. So of the 4 glow plugs I was only able to swap the rear two. Once done and the engine started the glow plug light disappeared within seconds just as it should do. Previously it was staying on for nearly a minute after the engine was started. The glowplugs that came out were covered in carbon on the tips indicating they were not getting up to temperature properly during the ignition stage. 

Success 1!

Onto job 2......I inspected the brake fluid. It was black and not looking great. I proceeded to go through the system starting at the wheel furthest away etc flushing through fresh dot 4 brake fluid. It was filthy and the fresh fluid going in will certainly improve the feel of the pedal. Ken confirmed pedal now feels great!!

Success 2!

Onto job 3.....with the passenger side front wheel off we started unscrewing the bolts holding the passenger side wing on. For those of you that have followed this thread from the beginning will remember just how rusty both wings were. They really let the car down and Ken had sourced 2x very tidy non rusty replacements in the correct shade of silver. Wheel arch liners and sill cladding had to be removed in order to access the bolts (several of which snapped because RUST!).

You'll be able to see in the pictures that replacing the wings has dramatically improved the appearance. A good mop and polish and this really will be a lovely thing. Ken was pretty impressed with my AutoSmart Tardis which removed some glue residue and tar spots with minimal effort. 





Success 3!

Job 4 was drivers door swap. This was time consuming and required stopping and swapping of loom from door to door and fit, adjust and assess several times to ensure the panels gaps were as they should be and not way off. 


Overall this was a success too...Success 4!..

Took some patience routing the wiring through the rubber insulation as large fingers and small holes do not really go together!

It could do with a little more fettling to get the alignment perfect. It is 95% there - we left it that, we were both very hungry and very tired!

Here are some pictures. As you can see looks way better. 

The only rust now on the car is a tiny bit on the bottom of the passenger door and a bit at the bottom on the rear quarters....hopefully they wont be too difficult to address




And Ken showing my daughter his cats...


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The car looks great and I am so happy to be driving around in it. It's such a nice thing to drive.

Huge thanks to wingz123 for the fettling and fixing, so much easier with two people.

The brake pedal is so much firmer now, bonus. Wasn't expecting any brake related activity at all.

The door will require a slight adjustment, the door open sign was being illuminated on the way home, despite the door being most firmly shut! 

There was a whiff of unburned diesel and I will have a peek at that over the next day or so, doubt that it is anything major, maybe something was disturbed by the glow plug change. It'll be fettled :)

Next visit will see paint related cleaning and polishing, promise!

Thanks again mate.

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