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5 hours ago, MondeoBlues said:

Doing really well. I've sorted the drainage channel problem and given her a big boy service and it's running like a dream!


I was thinking of you and the leak during the winter rain we had.

I'm glad you've got it sorted ūüĎć

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At last, the last headlight wiper set came. 

Bad news: one of the wipers would not fit due to manufacturing error, good news is that I just used the blade in the old frame that I had and fitted the new blade and frame for a complete set. 

Cost: fiver. Can't complain. 


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57 minutes ago, Tim_E said:

Awesome! Good luck.

May our 740s (and us, presumably) meet on the open road sometime. 

Thanks, that's a nice idea, with the exception of one drunk night out in Cardiff about 15 years ago I've never been to Wales. Looking forward to having my thirsty ponderous old tank back though. 

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Upon getting in the PimpPassat for the first time back in February I was impressed by the sound system. 

More recently I noticed the ns rear door main speaker is partially blown and the drivers door main is completely gone.

Impressive how good the sound is for so few speakers working.

So I spent a whopping £20 odd on these beauties and now to see if I can get them in.

I hear I ought to have got a 2ohm and a 4ohm for the correct front/rear split but that would necessitate paying £silly and I also read that if you don't crank the power up to max it shouldn't make any massive difference or cause problems. 

Here goes.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Seat Ibiza is practically sold. 

New car is bought and just awaiting collecting...

Coming Sunday. 

It's not a Volvo. But I'm so tempted by the green 850 so maybe it will be in the future...

But it's not a Volvo. 

I've got train tickets booked, I'm looking forwards to a day out and meeting a Shitter.

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Today I went and collected the ex-wuvvum Mondeo. 

Epic was documented here:

Hopefully Wifey will like this car as she's going to be using it, plus it will also be a good back up for me for work and family duties. 





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