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Ghosty Goes Manual - another collection

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So, the story is that dad's mate had a Qashqai on hire purchase for 3 years. He used up the mileage in two so bought the Mini as a runabout, but then found a good lease deal on an Insignia and didn't use the Mini much.




Factory satnav. And it only bloody works, and it's got the restore disc with it. 
Auto climate (needs attention, cooling fan on the condenser is broken)
Heated front screen. 
Harman/Kardon speakers. 
Blue leather seats and carpets.
Factory floormats in mint condition, tailored rubber mats on top.
Full length sunroof. 
Xenon lights.

A bit nice, innit. 

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There's a big wad of receipts with the car, it's had plenty of care and attention it seems. A lot of the bushes/TREs were done last year, there's a shiny looking alternator, and a new battery to name a few things. Apparently there was a battery drain issue - I think someone had left the interior light on personally. Going to charge up the other battery as it's a handy spare. 

Drive home was easy and uneventful. 

Current to do list: 

intermittent EML - o2 sensor and MAF fault codes 
dent in bonnet 
passenger window inoperative 
radio working but doesn't output sound 
buy polisher; machine polish paint
rear wiper loose 
replace expansion tank 

It's all easy stuff for once, touch wood. 

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1 hour ago, New POD said:

what is wrong with the gear box on the volvo.  ???

I think the clutches have gone. Changed the fluid three weekends in a row and it came out black, and it doesn't shift like it should. Throttle modulation is pants which only makes matters worse. I'm cashing in before it becomes a liability. 

Besides, the Mini is better in every way. 


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Great work - you deserve a bit of good fortune man. 

That said, these MINIs terrify me and I’d be sorely sorely tempted to just sell it for proper money before the inevitable. But that’s just my attitude to risk - If someone hands me a golden ticket I’m always tempted to cash in rather than gamble.

That leather is amazing too! 

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