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Ghostly Goings On - triumphn't


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  • Ghosty changed the title to Ghostly Goings On

OK, new arrival is confirmed landed at an acquaintance's place. 
I've insured it for a most amiable £205, and I'll collect it next week after the 106 departs and the V50 goes to WBAC. 

I could pick it up sooner, but my garage is full of wardrobes at the moment so I'm down a parking space. 

The 106 is imminently off to a shiter in need of wheels. 

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I also had a drive of my incoming fleet member - it's a lot quicker than I expected, and really quite planted. There's no rust to speak of, and it drives fantastically. It was an absolute bargain and I can't wait to get my hands on it. 
The paint is absolutely fucked, but other than that it's in remarkable nick, and most of the mods done to it seem to have been done to a reasonable standard.

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4 hours ago, Ghosty said:

2750, but I think it'll be a little less than that. 

Sorry Mrs E looks like she's not making any moves to change cars despite liking the look of your V50.

I think she's got too much else on to think about cars, hers goes so it will do I think.

Good luck anyway on the incoming.

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On 5/7/2021 at 8:55 PM, bigfella2 said:

Wouldn't it be better than selling it to wbac just to put a fresh belt and pump on it if it's still on the original/ or meet half way.

Not that I'm pretending to know how much a belt and pump is on these, am sure Sierra man would be up on this as it's essentially a Mondeo engine??

I’d let whoever buys it fuck about with the belt. If I was to swap the belt I’d put a new pump on. I didn’t swap the belt on mine I farmed it out as I was absolutely snowed under with work at the time. Doesn’t look a bad job.

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On 5/7/2021 at 8:08 PM, Ghosty said:

if it comes back as belt roulette and this chap doesn't have it I'll just fuck it off to WBAC as nobody wants to buy it. Volvo serviced it up to about 60k so it might have passed a belt interval with them, unless the first owner sold it when the belt was due. 

I think these are 10 years/125k interval for the belt

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Volvo is now gone, WBAC offered as much as I'd have realistically got for it if it even sold. 

6 weeks for sale, and fuck all interest. I figured that I'd have to knock £500 off the price to get a private buyer to even look at it, and then probably take an offer off that price too, and at that point we were in WBAC territory, so I just took their money and left them to play cambelt roulette.

Money is coming in on Wednesday aiui (I'm not paying them another £30 just to get it faster) then when it clears I'm off to get its replacement. Dad seems excited about it as he keeps asking when it's arriving! 

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  • Ghosty changed the title to Ghostly Goings On - red decker

No, not a bus. 

an Accord Aerodeck, and a solid (only one slightly crispy arch), but slightly ropey one at that. 

Manual and non-sunroof, because trackday yo. 



It was on eBay a few weeks ago, selling for £1800 then reappearing for £800 BIN. 
It's had some choice* mods, including the shit wheels (I'm on that already), an excessive tailpipe: 


and most interestingly: 

an interesting* bike carb setup. 

It runs stupidly rich and doesn't idle, probably as there's no back pressure in the exhaust (it's offensively loud) and the air/fuel is off for many reasons that I've not entirely worked out yet. 

The paint is fucking dire, it's had a DIY blowover it seems. 

Inside I've added a basic alu eBay gearknob and a purple(!) leather Momo wheel that I found on eBay for cheap, as the naff plastic 8-ball and standard wheel from a later Honda Civic didn't really cut it. The seats are Recaro replicas, but they're not that bad actually. 

The radio wiring needs investigating, one of the boot struts isn't secured down, the paint is shit (the bumpers and rubbing strips should be black), but there's evidence someone loved it once, and it just needs a little care and attention. 




This is how the boot opens, as someone was bound to ask. 

Anyone have any exhaust back boxes knocking about?

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  • Ghosty changed the title to Ghostly Goings On - triumphn't
  • Ghosty changed the title to Ghostly Goings On - south coast Civic collection

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