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Ghostly Goings On - 106 MOT time

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15 hours ago, Ghosty said:

More mild annoyance today. 

No description available.

This is the tailgate. 

The grey plastic numberplate plinth bolts on to the tailgate from inside, which is OK, there's access.

What's less OK, is that at some point someone's spray painted it for some reason. With no prep. The paint had terribly inconsistent adhesion and is completely the wrong shade for anything on the car, and looks like arse, and removing a GB sticker lifted a lot of it on the far side of the pic too. 
I tried to scrape it off as evidenced in the right side in the foreground of the pic (nothing to lose), but results were mixed. Also, that 16v badge is held on with an excessive amount of superglue, so is junk. 

What's even less OK, is that the rear numberplate, that replaced the (admittedly fucked) original plate at the last MOT, about two weeks ago, has been fucking well SUPERGLUED onto the trim.
I have a new trim on the way from a local Rover guy (I went to pick it up today but the chap mistakenly told me he'd be in through force of habit, but wasn't, so he's said he'll drop it off to me), but if I want to fit it I'm going to have to get a new numberplate, too. 

(hey! an excuse for old font plates!) 


So you're buying a period correct plate to fit your new panel? Perfect! 👌

I was looking at photos of Pandamonium's old 400 yesterday and the original rear plate looks bob on. Always liked the look of them in white too. 


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Good post day - cap and arm have come for the Rover so I'll be fitting those shortly. Further to that, and of potential interest to @Dave_Q, I got a letter from the DVLA saying that the V5 for the 106 is going to be processed on the 16th. Good timing as I'm being paid a visit today by its potential new owner. 


I think I've also got some jobs to do on the Bini as my dad's not up to them at the moment. Slightly scary as I'm not usually allowed to touch it 😬

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106 is provisionally sold. Winner. 

New dizzy cap and rotor arm fitted to the Rover, it's a little more lively now. I think it needs an ATF change though. I also reseated the clock bulb as it isn't a great fit, used a bit of double sided tape to neaten up some trim and hide the DAB aerial wiring under the dash, and blew the accessory fuse trying to use a tyre compressor (oops). 

Fitted some new coilpacks to the Bini, the oil change on that can wait for another day. 

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  • Ghosty changed the title to Ghostly Goings On - 106 MOT time

Had a mess about with the 106 handbrake again yesterday. The adjuster had seized, after unseizing it and messing with the cable some more, the handbrake got a lot better, to the point I'm happy to send it in for MOT, so off it goes tomorrow. 
Watch this space... 

I put the Volvo up for sale on FB a few days ago, the only message I've had about it was an offer of a straight swap for a 2015 Seat Ibiza FR with 32k miles but a Cat S. I politely declined. He messaged again 'best price m9' but didn't reply again. 
I'm confused how little interest it's getting. 

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Probably worth autotrader? 

From a scan of ebay prices I don't think you are far off, there have been similar age ones gone for more recently but there are also a lot of older ones, 1.6 diesels etc selling for a lot less.

People on facebook just looking for an car will go for one of those, you need to find someone who really wants one in that spec.

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2 hours ago, Ghosty said:

I'm confused how little interest it's getting. 

Market is a bit odd at the moment, I've noticed ever since restrictions somewhat eased, there's quite a lot of things, especially outside of the truly 'cheap AN car market' hanging around an awful lot longer than they were a month ago, where even if they were up for £500 more, would have sold rapidly.

I presume it's because people are now travelling a bit more again so are willing to cast their net a bit wider for 'Bargain M9' stuff, when before the focus was more on local=better and demand was far outstripping supply.

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WBAC value on the Volvo is £2850. 

They won't give me that I don't think, especially with the cracked splitter and a couple of small dents and the kerbed wheels. 
I'm sure I can get over 3k for it myself. 

I'd go for an eBay classified over Auto Trader personally, it costs less for longer.

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