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Stinkwheel's Ami 8+GSA+Other Citroen stuff


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2 hours ago, Stinkwheel said:

Yes, Northamptonshire. They even gave it a local age related plate, I was quite impressed


1 hour ago, Stinkwheel said:

Oh, that’s a misunderstanding on my part then, but I’ll settle for a plate on it, wherever it hails from

my current understanding from studying a number of various vehicles etc is when it comes to Suffix/prefix (and maybe modern?) age related plates

if your registering a vehicle for the first time with the DVLA (like an import) you get assigned a random registration appropriate for the age of the vehicle

(and if a suitable date of first registration is available from the origin country they will also use that for a more appropriate age related plate, for example if your imported vehicle was first registered in the country it came from in June 1976 it would get a P suffix reg but if it was registered August 1976 then it would get an R suffix reg)


however if your robbing a vehicle of a plate then the age related plate issued to replace the robbed plate will also be location related to where the plate robbery took place

(although this might have changed with the closure of local offices, more research is needed)


I do wonder on the first registration/random plate thing if they really do randomly chose a series being issued to give you a plate from it, or if there is some internal logic behind which series they will give you a plate from

(I have noticed for example a lot of G prefix imports have been issued the G-ATL registration series)


its also quite interesting to track just how far back age related series go like FNP-W was first issued starting in 1994,

makes me wonder what the oldest registration series to still be issued today is..



top work on the Citroen spannering, Im looking forward to seeing them on the road and future updates :) 

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  • 8 months later...

Well holy heck I’m bad at updating threads (or keeping track of life in general or the ever increasingly fast pace of the passing days, weeks and months, but that’s another story)

The Ami got done, it did, virtually, nearly all done…. I even drove it on the road a bit, nearly 20-30 miles at least

Then the chap that originally imported her from france (not the one who crashed her) offered me some money to buy her back….. and I said yes, which was both a blessing and a curse, a curse as I missed it and a blessing, well, as there turned out to be some extra rot in the roof and side rails I hadn’t seen below a lot of french filler and paint, this much rot to be precise….


Then 5 months later as I was trying to avoid missing the car quite as much as I did. I was offered it back due to a change of new owners circumstances….so here she is on my drive, nearly 800kms these last two weeks and just the right side of sheddy and good at 10 paces to make me very happy indeed….


So yeah, that’s where we are at with the Ami as of now, all comments, questions and derision welcome

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I had a beige Ami 8 estate when I was 17 in the early 80's. I absolutely loved the car and miss it even now. Yours looks awesome

Thank you, kind of you to say, it’s somehow much more than the 2CV’s and Dyane’s I’ve been used to. I can honestly say the Ami is now my favourite A series Citroen….. I don’t quite understand how a dyane with exactly the same engine and box and lower weight will sometimes struggle to top 70 yet this thing will do 75 virtually anytime you want it to
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I forgot to mention, during the totally uneventful collection caper of re-purchasing the Ami (basically get in car with mate Rich, get driven the 70 miles to collect and reverse but this time I’m in the Ami following)

What made it eventful for as the conveyance was another blue ‘77 Ami, what are the chances? Didn’t half get some strange looks as two together really seemed to confuse people


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On 29/08/2021 at 20:25, Stinkwheel said:

I don’t quite understand how a dyane with exactly the same engine and box and lower weight will sometimes struggle to top 70...

I do not recognise this description... <continues to chuckle meaningfully> 😉

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Do love an Ami, and yours looks fantastic! I’m thinking it would only be natural to get one to keep the the 2CVs company! 
Saw this one today at a show too which ignited the lust even further! 

Hmmmm minty goodness, be aware of how different Ami 6’s are mechanically though……parts are harder than mine to find
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24 minutes ago, Stinkwheel said:

Hmmmm minty goodness, be aware of how different Ami 6’s are mechanically though……parts are harder than mine to find emoji23.png

A 6 will likely be be forever beyond my means… sadly. 

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