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Paging hairnet and six-cylinder


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18 minutes ago, Stinkwheel said:

Ah but he would bring this one back for you. It’s what a Gary does, imports old french tat.

Does he do specific commissions for particular sorts of old French tat to import?

Asking for a friend.

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1 hour ago, Skizzer said:

Oh ho... 

[goes off to try and make a Renault 14TS sized space somewhere]


I think it was Gary Dicks that had a burgundy 14 for a while which kept dropping and dropping in price... Eventually I think Danny Hopkins of PC got his hands on it before the interior was ruined at (IIRC) Beaulieu... 

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1 hour ago, Mrs6C said:

I just looked on Leboncoin and there were - wait for it - 122 Visa cars for sale across France!!! Triple digit numbers FOR SALE!

Here in the UK we're lucky if one comes up as available, let alone another 121 on top of that.

Several of them were the two cylinder cars.


i was looking in the last week and for every fucked one theres a lovely one i gave up at 5 of each and went looking at opels :D

ya just gonna figure out if its easy to get to (or gets sold first)


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