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I've just been to toolstation for some self tappers to tidy inside the boot up amongst other things. 

I've noticed it's very flat below 2.5 to 3k revs then in takes off. Not all the time though strangely. I wonder if stale fuel could be causing it.

The gearbox is making some awful noise on the overun as well. 

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Gearbox has always made that noise since I had the clutch changed, I did mention it. I think the receipt for the clutch is in there somewhere, was done around 10k miles ago.

Flat spot? Probably just needs an Italian tune up, it hasn’t been driven in well over a year. 

Im enjoying the updates, good to see it getting some love.

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The wiring for the ashtray light had melted at some point. I'm 90% sure this is why the side light fuse keeps popping.
It's all bacl together now and it hasn't really make a difference, although I do know it's all good swich wise now. They're quick enough now anyway.7c76282302dd9d45a66fd7dc49dc1d4e.jpg5c89472b324cb4911a083bab417eee53.jpg

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I have some problems with the lights before I stick it in for an mot. Side lights don't work.
When you put high beam on, one light, lights and the other goes out.
No lights at all on the rear.
Weather dependant, I'll crack on with it tomorrow.

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On 6/5/2020 at 1:28 PM, paulplom said:

1st class service form@worldofceri. 10/10.

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He had a busy week from Shiters last week. You, me and Floatylight! Top drawer service! 

On 6/5/2020 at 1:40 PM, Shirley Knott said:

Yup. Very early car indeed.

Well played, the early ones are the best IMO, enjoy!

Earlier the better! At all the MX5 meets I go to (Back when such things were allowed) I am always happy that mine was often the earliest there. 

22 hours ago, loserone said:

They get filled with carbon deposits and sooty crap, so they're really high resistance when switched on


 at 2:51

Maybe this is why my windows are so crap. Thanks for sharing this! 

To be honest I’ve barely thought about my MX5 during lockdown and it is festering badly in the corner... 

This thread Is spurring me on to get it out again. 

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21 hours ago, gm said:

there's a roll bar and bucket seat just popped up on Facebook for £200 (I'm not sure how to make a link)


if you right click on the "31 minutes" time stamp thingy and copy its URL it should give you a permanent link version of the post, you can also click on it and then copy the URL from the address bar :) 

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