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Attention - speed traps


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Due to a reduction in speeding fine revenues because of the lack of road use during the shutdown a fortnight long 'major speeding crackdown' has started today. Sorry, too cynical.

As of Monday 25th May, forces will 'step up visible speed enforcement activity for the following two weeks... The operation has been prompted by the partial lifting of Coronavirus-related lockdown regulations, with an increasing number of people returning to the roads as a result'.

Full SP here - https://www.bmf.co.uk/news/show/police-to-launch-major-speeding-crackdown

So expect to see speed cameras in the convenient lay-by at the bottom of that long, gentle NSL down hill stretch, or on the wide country road that has been at NSL since Herbert Austin was a lad but has mysteriously been changed to 50mph in the last few months (again, is this too cynical?).

Either way just keep an eye out folks and keep steady, particularly on that long drive between Westminster and Durham, you don't want to add to your misery.


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After the amount of complete and utter twats That have been on the roads recently I welcome more police on the roads, sadly it’s not actual police patrolling the roads that we will get just speed traps.

The real problem is the utter morons doing 50-60 around residential streets, tailgating and overtaking on double whites on blind bends. 

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I live on a back lane and the speed some people bomb to it considering it’s a 30 limit is ridiculous!! 
Since lockdown it’s been busier than ever as people stay off the main roads to avoid detection by the rozzers. 

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