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Sir Chocolate Teapot

Mk1 fiat pandas, let's talk.

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1 hour ago, Aston Martin said:

Today I sent my buddy this pic I took of this sassy Panda.


Her reply....


As an aside, I just noticed my original plea got a  royal flush of reactions:


Is there a prize for this?

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I had a mk1 uno with the 999cc fire engine in at 17. Absolutely brilliant thing. I drove a new (ok 05 ) panda recently with the 1.1 in and it felt so familiar. Same engine note and willingness for revs. Two  things fiat have always been good at - engines and small cars

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Mk1 Pandas are great little motors. Surprisingly capacious for a huge lump like me; even the 750 my brother’s ex had was great; gutless but real fun.

No-frills 80s motoring at it’s finest. Last time I went to Spain (2017) still saw a few very early pre-Marbella era Seat Pandas (Essentially the original Fiat version 1 with a Seat badge).

The larger Uno is also a great car so if you cannot find a good Panda for a sensible price I’d go Uno

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Found some photos of our much missed one.

L25PAS, I miss you.








If I had the choice of any this is basically the exact Panda I'd spec, even down to the colour.  I love how the interior was so perfectly matched to the exterior.

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