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Rover 75 Diesel.

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 I thought I'd start a new thread on this as I'm enjoying reading everyone else's!

So this was delivered on Sunday 17th May to keep everything relatively Covid-friendly. It's my 3rd 75, all diesels.

I first saw this car back in 2018 parked outside a Rover specialist when I had my first 75 in for the rear suspension arm replacement. I remembered the private 'Kev', plate on it and when it came up for sale, I knew it was the car for me as it had obviously been looked after.

The car comes with a full service history, backed up by invoices from the previous owners tenure since 2016. It's had a lot of work done, mostly the 'famous' 75 issues:

New rear upper and lower suspension arms

New rear springs and dampers

Gold resistor for the radiator fan

New rear backplates

New rear handbrake shoes

Uprated Mini R53 handbrake compensator

160bhp XPower remap

EGR bypass

PCV valve upgraded to BMW vortex type, no replacing required

Plenum guard.

New engine hydro mount and lower engine stabiliser.

Modified sunroof drains to stop leaks, seems to work.

Renault 5 thermostat

Wheels refurbished

Automatic gearbox replaced with an 80k mile unit due to presence of swarf and difficulty engaging park.

So there's not much to do. The OSF caliper needs either the slider pins cleaned and greased or a new caliper as it's binding slightly however both of my previous 75s had the same issue so shouldn't be any bother to sort out.

The previous owner will drop off the wheel centre caps when restrictions allow.

There are a few scuffs on the bodywork so I gave it a machine polish followed by a coat of sealant/wax.





I treated the seats with Gliptone liquid leather although they didn't really need it.


..and an oil change


I'm looking forward to my trip to the Supermarket on Saturday!



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35 minutes ago, big_al_granvia said:

that is tidy, owned by a couple called cecil and mabel, sat nav preset for waitrose, the library and the church. never been beyond 60mph..... get it up to luti at dreadnaught and claire will make it mental

It was actually owned by a young chap who it turns out will work in the same office as me when we eventually go back!

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They are indeed ZT items, fitted to the Contemporary spec cars. Quite a way of making a 'new'* spec at a low cost I think.

Chairs is a great description of the standard items!

It's a July 2004 04 so quite an early facelift model. Hopefully the new plates will come today as the private registration mark is now on the previous owners Alfa Romeo. I mentioned this place to him, hopefully he will sign up.

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9 hours ago, wuvvum said:

What's the button on the centre console between the driver's heated seat switch and the cruise control master switch?  My 75 doesn't have a button there.

That's to turn off the Traction control. I had to ask the PO about that one too!

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6 hours ago, captain_70s said:

I'm torn because the smiley plate looks fucking massive and gets on my tits but a regular plate looks just as wrong in a different way... 

Did the P6 not also have an oddly sized rear plate?

Exactly the same here. It was the P5 that had the mahoosive plate at the back. 

I used to see a few cars with these big plates at the back in the 80s, particularly Minis and they looked wrong.

At least I have 2 options now!

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1 hour ago, Split_Pin said:

That's to turn off the Traction control. I had to ask the PO about that one too!

Ooh, very posh.  Mine doesn't have traction control.  Mind you the only time I've experienced wheelspin in mine is pulling away from a damp uphill junction with a tonne and a half of Merc on a trailer behind me...

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I'd love an early one either in a dark colour with top spec, or Wedgewood blue like the launch car, with the Serpent alloys, similar to the one you had.

I'd like a V6 but I'm really liking this 160bhp remap on the diesel right now.

I was out in it today and I heard a momentary hum from the OSF brake but it went away and the wheel was not hot when I got out the car. I'll just keep an eye on it for now!

Just to dampen my enjoyment, the 4 pints of milk I bought leaked over the immaculate and, astonishingly, dry boot carpet. Hopefully I've caught it in time with the foam and brush.

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I didn't realise that my touch up paint was in one of the parcels that I hastily shoved in the garage yesterday due to the rain.

I took stock of the worst scuffs


...and went at it with the wee brush.

It looks a lot better except for the bumper which has a dull haze in places due to a careless headlight restoration guy (previous owner complained). 


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