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Rover 75 Diesel, slightly tickled.

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The previous owner dropped off the wheel centre caps today.





I think they make a big difference to the wheels!

He also dropped off a detachable towbar. I had no idea that hidden under the bumper is the bracket for it complete with electrics and sockets. I won't use it but nice to know it's there!

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52 minutes ago, Lacquer Peel said:

Lovely car, hope I see it about. 

How comfy is the suspension with the big wheels?

The previous owner opted for 215/50 tyres rather than the 225/45 in the interest of comfort but what really makes the difference is that it's had new springs, dampers and suspension arms at the back. My last 2 were disappointingly jittery in that area and looking back I think they both had broken springs. This one has a very smooth ride. On the shoddy surfaces leading to my estate I don't feel any of the bumps that I do in my other cars.

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