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Rover 75 Diesel. Brake-ing Bad

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Just looked at the service history. The exhaust was new in October 2017, helpfully just out of warranty.

Once I get the braking mystery solved I may look at a new exhaust.

I'm going to start by bleeding the 2 calipers I fitted again. Wondering if air in the system has pushed round to the pistons.

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2 hours ago, colino said:

It was probably the MOT that highlighted the issue:  For most it is the only time in the year that brakes are used in anger.  Don't condemn the m/c until you have checked out the vacuum pump.

Every days a school day. I’ve never had anything to do with diesel vehicles so i had no idea they ran vacuum pumps. 

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3 hours ago, Split_Pin said:

Went out to the car at lunch time, checked the pipe from vac pump to the servo together with all 4 flexible hoses for hernias, of course 'nothing obvious'.

And when I was under the back of the car I noticed this:


Well fuck.


My back box did that.  By then the join on the inlet side was also pretty flaky, so I fitted a new rear half of the exhaust - not too bad a job as exhausts go.

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On 17/01/2021 at 16:24, Split_Pin said:

Consoled myself by fitting the symphony radio in place of the horrible project drive item.



MK1 Symphony


There is some repositioning of the wires required to make the volume control on the steering wheel work, but it functions perfectly as is for now.

Also saved myself £18 on a radio code by just firing it in and seeing what happened. I was all ready to buy a code too!



Facelift 75 with pre-PD items is something amazing

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It's also got a nice PPD grey carpet in it which the previous owner fitted. It's lovely quality.

I'm afraid I won't be driving this again any time soon though until I get to the bottom of why the brakes momentarily lost pressure. As it stands my schedule is work, dark outside and rain or ice so I have little chance. I'm going to use the Audi for the time being and worry about the 75 some other day.

I've seen a nice Phaeton within the boundary walls of my prison area, sorry, local authority area and it's quite cheap.....

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I couldn't put that into words in my head but those were indeed my thoughts!

My work have changed my pay date to month end so the very long month since mid December will mean I have a wee bit of pocket money.

The sensible thing to do would be to replace the Mini.

..and get another 172 for myself....

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Just been out in for a careful drive. Brakes seem fine, pretty sure it was that stuck caliper piston popping back out. Looks like the pad is touching the disk a wee bit more now.


The radio I put in on Sunday is fucked. Works fine when the car is stationery but it all goes doo-lally once the car starts to move. The phone function tries to mute it and the radio is simultaneously fighting back. You can't turn it off until you pull up either.

Sensibly* I checked it was working before pushing it into place as you need a 'special Rover tool' to remove it again and I don't have one. So now I need one of those.



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