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gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - wheel alignment on the Exo


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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - coolant flush and pished pants

Blue Peter time again

A template was made


transferred to mesh and the edges taped


which fits neatly in here


to protect any hapless pedestrians from contacting my lethal looking pedals !


I would imagine if a pedestrian was that close, they would have more to worry about than getting tangled in the pedals 

looks fairly neat


there is no need to do the other side but I think it would look odd if I didn’t. I’ll need to order more mesh off that ebay 

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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - fishnets and beer


with all of that bubbling in the expansion tank, I thought I’d better double check this engine


An omghgf kit was purchased off that ebay 


the bung was too big so I cannibalised the duff radiator cap and drilled a geet big hole in it

let the sniffing commence


five minutes later, dark blue has turned to a slightly lighter blue (but definitely not yellow)


no omghgf here then, thank goodness

just to test the liquid, I stuck a funnel over the exhaust and fed it some fumes


that’ll be yellow now then.

I’ve got a genuine mazda radiator cap ordered, aftermarket ones are notoriously rubbish, so will finally stick some proper coolant in next week :) 


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Remember this mad looking thing ?


well, sadly not being able to use it in the Exo, it’s been hanging around in the garage gathering dust


hmm, any thoughts on what’s coming next ? 
yep, stevie wonder could have seen this coming :) 


the plan was to remove the bumper skin and replace it with the already cut one I saved off the donor car - what actually happened was every fastener I touched sheared or crumbled to rust so I left the original bumper in place and got busy with the hacksaw

an extra hanger was needed - this may look familiar to some 


so, how does it look ?




ridiculous ! But I think I like it :) 

and how does it sound ?


ridiculous ! But I think I like it :) 

not sure the neighbours agree but I’ll drive gently until I’m out of our little cul-de-sac 

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10 minutes ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

It's always good seeing this come together. There's no two ways about it man, this car is gonna be FUN

I’ve enjoyed posting my progress, now the end is approaching, I’m starting to get excited at the prospect of taking this on the open road and giving it a good hoon :) 

I sat and read through all 37 pages recently and it was great to read all of the encouraging comments folks have made along the way - thankyou to everyone who has joined in and kept me motivated 


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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - sniffing for omghgf and the return of noisey boy
On 7/2/2021 at 2:17 PM, gm said:

I think we can call the instrument panel done

was that only last week ? ffs, wrong again !

this little sod arrived in the post today 


I grudge its presence for many reasons : it cost nearly £40; its bloody pointless and I'm going to have to hack into my nice neat wiring :( 

what it does is allows you to turn the rear fog light on but for it not to come on again next time you turn on the headlights if you forgot to switch it off manually - my dashboard has a bloody big yellow light that says the word FOG which should serve as reminder enough but mr iva wants it this way so it must be so


the dash came out again

thankfully, I'd not wrapped this section of loom (I always knew this was coming :( )


a little fannying about with wires was done


might as well bung on some edge trim while I'm at it


all back together and working as it should


I'm still annoyed by the whole process - I've left it easily reversible so may remove it once the iva is done

still, another job ticked off the 'to-do' list :)  




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what else has been happening ? 

the postie dropped off what appears to be a giant cigarette end behind my wheelie bin (potato cam c/o hermes)


Investigation revealed it was my second sheet of omg£££ plastic mesh

rolled up tighter than a tight thing - needed a day in the sun to relax


I used the drivers side template then trimmed to mm perfect*


bit of tape on the edges, keep it neat


time for some red hot cable tie action



looks alright, that :) 

and another job ticked off the list 

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in the top left corner of the wiring tray lives the main fusebox - just next to those two white multi plugs


unfortunately, just sitting there minding it's own business will not please mr iva, he demands brackets

best get to work then

an offcut of aluminium  was obtained, chopped, bent, filed and drilled


padded with nice soft neoprene


edges taped for a professional* finish


and a wonky label applied :) 


still, the fusebox is now secure and I can relax safe in the knowledge that I have ticked off THREE jobs in one afternoon :) 


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Bit shit on the FOG front, as you say a bright visual warning on the dash surely is enough ?

But well done for not giving up, lad at work has a Tiger that's nearly made him give up a few times, so I'll give the whole kit car thing a miss personally 😅

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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - I am a 'to-do' list ticking off maniac :)
4 minutes ago, Minimad5 said:

lad at work has a Tiger that's nearly made him give up a few times

I think there's a lot more work in one of them - is the chassis not built from scratch ? I'm really just assembling parts here (albeit quite a lot of them) 

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Myself and Mrs V8 went for a walk calling in on @gm on the way,  to chat shite and check the fab exo out. 

@gmasked where young master V8 was. A phone call and around 3 mins later,  Ben turned up. After a little persuading Ben slotted him self the passenger seat. Then gone 0-25ish in 1.5 -2 seconds

The grin on his face.











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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - illegal passenger rides definitely not happening
30 minutes ago, gm said:

I don’t think he was expecting me to put my foot down, it’s a nippy wee thing :) 

Great pics too 

I wanted to video it but you glf. So I had to scramble photos 

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Excellent work, chaps, many thanks. 
Glad to hear that hooning definitely didn’t occur :) Now which of you is currently scouring gumtree for a mk1 mx5 ? 

(I hope you did let Ben have a proper go, not just on and off the drive ?  He does look quite at home in the drivers seat )


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the last time the bonnet was fitted, it had a bit of an ugly gaping hole at the front


the kit includes a sheet of aluminium mesh


which I test fitted and decided it looked a bit too "kit car" :( 


 really, that does look shite - an alternative is required

eBay to the rescue - this is the sort of stuff that Audi owners use to upgrade* their base models


fetch the craft knife


get the bonnet safely up on the workbench


and lets have a look at that hole


hmm, needs work


rough shape marked out


turns out side cutters were a much more efficient tool for the job


Y Tho ?


I'll fix it properly once I've fettled the bonnet clips, for now a few cable ties will do

how's it look ?


bloody smart, that


refitting the bonnet threw up another job, the speedo cable needs a notch cut out

thinking back to the nightmare job I had drilling the harness holes in the seats, I hatched a plan



neat job but the hole is too wee

poundland hole saws are just as even more shite as they look


edge trim forgives many evils


works for me


let's have another look at that grille 


ooh yeah !


do please ignore the funky headlamp protectors :) 




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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - fancy new radiator grille, bonnet refitted - little steps

those bonnet catches have been giving me the fear for far too long - time to get the proverbial finger oot

the radiator brackets are reasonably* sturdy, maybe I could mount a pin here ?


and the catch close over it sideways ?


just needs to be the other side of the bodywork


a rummage in the scrap bin and a go on the grinder produced


well, it might work, bolt it on and see how solid it feels


not too bad, just needs to line up with this


measure twice etc


now, should I wait for the holesaw set I ordered off eBay last night to arrive ?  

fuck it, what's the worst that can happen ?


the poundland holesaw featured earlier did ok, now I need some sort of special tool to join the two


this worked surprisingly well




but does the catch fit ?

after a tweak with a file


aye, that'll do


ooh, that's tight (glad I only cable tied the fancy mesh grille on last week) I'm sure* that dent in the side of the radiator was already there


but I hear you ask, did it bloody fit ?


that is the result of much fannying about but it did eventually close


switching to selfie mode to check out the innards


surprisingly neat with the tape off, I even painted the white edge black


the bracket got a bit of a tidy up


extra nuts for stiffness ( I'll need to take it off again to fit another bolt on the side once I'm happy with the alignment)


but this looks a whole lot better than fitting them on the top of the bonnet 




pretty discreet, I like 


shame I have to do it all again tomorrow on the other side :) 


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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - EXO bonnet is 50% secure (and bonnet catches are the work of the devil)
  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - wheel alignment on the Exo

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