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gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - the green monster is finally back on the road !


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the frustrating thing is that i’m not planning g to keep this one - as soon as it’s done it will be up for sale.

anyone mad enough to make me an offer as it stands just now ? it’s mechanically sound, someone with more enthusiasm for welding could have themselves a bargain ! @loserone ? 



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fearing the worst, i removed the drivers side wing to see what horrors lurked 



not quite so bad as “foamy bob” hadn't been at work on this side.

still, at least i know what i’m up against- will see what dvee8’s mate says tomorrow 


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with the green monster mobile again, it got shoved aside while the other one got some attention 

now, i’m sure it must be due a service soon…


hmm, definitely overdue

assume the position 


manky black oil dropped


genuine mazda parts :) 


and don’t forget to update the history 


then i nicked the clear lenses off the green one :) 


and went for the obligatory test hoon !

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it occurred to me that i’m paying for insurance on the exo that has sat bone idle in the garage for the last three months - what if i could temporarily borrow that policy for the green monster ? 

a couple of phone calls later…..


yep, we’re on the road :) 

don’t she look pretty ?


the first trip round the block was deemed a success so i set about adjusting the headlights 


and ventured a little further 



just along to the local retail park but it was such a good feeling to finally drive this little car - and it’s a lovely thing !

the autobox felt weird at first but i soon got used to it and really enjoyed a blast round the back roads. roof down at night is always a treat, and with very little traffic, i got to have some fun :) 

unfamiliar with overdrive, i figured to knock it off for acceleration and click it back on for cruising, seems to work well with the (i think) three speed auto. quite different to the black mk1 but i definitely see the appeal. 

the steering is a little off but that’s no surprise as i replaced the whole rack, there’s a couple of bulbs needing changed, and that tiny wee patch of welding and she’s ready for the mot next week.

progress - feels good :) 

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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - the green monster is finally back on the road !

driving the green monster for the first time last night, one problem became apparent - the Nardi steering wheel is a lovely thing but that peeling varnish feels awful to the touch - really lets the side down


now it was my intention to strip it down, sand it smooth and re-varnish it

but, something appeared last night on marketplace that i couldn’t resist

contact was made and a mad dash down to hartlepool was made before anyone else could snap it up

the new wheel is a momo type fitment so the nardi boss couldn’t be used. fortunately i had a spare momo boss so got to work fitting it


problem - the shroud is missing and the nardi one won’t fit :( 



i found a spare empty one in the recycling bin and got busy with the craft knife


warmed it with the hot air gun


something to cover it with



turned out not too shabby - i’ll give that scabby edge a rub down and a dab of paint  tomorrow 


but in the meantime - how good does that look ?


there’s not a mark on it, i suspect it has never been used 


not sure about this but it’s all i have for now 


for now, we shall call it the Ronald Mc Donald steering wheel :) 

i’d like to find a horn push with the classic mazda logo but not at this price


maybe i can just buy the sticker ? 

but for now, what a cracking looking interior this is turning into



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the boot floor where the battery lives was a rusty mess so i gave it a good seeing to with the wire wheel and slapped on some kurust


warmed it up a bit


and a couple of coats of primer 


first coat of colour


hmm, Rover racing green metallic was the nearest ‘match’ they had in halfords

maybe a second coat will tame it ?


maybe if i turn the floodlights off ?


that’ll do - it will be hidden by carpet anyway 

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i dropped the green mx5 off at kev the welders place yesterday morning and decided to run home

this was a terrible idea and i was knackered 


so in order to collect it today, i persuaded @DVee8 to come with me and drive one of the mazdas back

the green car as seen from the black car


the black car as seen from the green car 


we each had a go at driving both back to back and agreed them to be excellent in different ways :) 

i stopped at lumley castle for a photo opportunity but a lack of communication meant dvee8 didn’t join me !

we’ll just need to go back another time 


the welding is coming along very nicely, is taking longer than initially anticipated but worth it for a good job. 

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