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gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - actual progress on the Exo - wiring and swearing ( plus new pics on page one )

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a few weeks back, I posted on the Exocet fb group that I was looking for an exhaust - the official back box is expensive and I don't really like the design so plan to get something fancy once the car is tested and on the road. The current set up is not likely to hasn't got a hope of passing the iva :( shame, it sounds great and looks suitably mental


anyway, I did get a message from a chap called Adi who is going full custom on his build so has an unused Exo box sitting in his garage which he is happy to sell on.

slight snag, he lives in Switzerland :( 

but, even with OMG postage, there was still a good saving to be had over buying direct from Exo.

so on Monday last week, I sent off my €€€ and settled down for a wait

this morning I received this message


bloody hell, it can't be here already ?

bang on time, the man in the big red van arrived


economy service in less than a week, even with covid and omgsnokaos to contend with, and no extra taxes to pay :)

behold shiney goodness !


definitely a weight saving here


I'm reusing the centre section from a scabby old exhaust that @paulplom was going to chuck in a skip

the back box was utterly fecked but it was being chopped off anyway


the middle bit came up ok with a bit of a wire brush


might need a bit of a shim though


cut to the right length and test fitted


rubbed down and given a nice thick coat of engine paint


that looks pretty good, I might keep it after all.


of course the big question is : what does it sound like ?

well, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that one - it was getting a bit late to try it tonight :(  


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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - found a solution to an Exhausting problem :)

also on the Exocet fb group, a fellow builder had a set of standard road springs available - he powder coated them then changed his mind and bought coilovers instead. 

my current set up is eibach lowering springs on kyb shocks :



which is rather low


4 inches low, in fact


so it seemed sensible to grab these keep in reserve

the powder coat has been really well done, they look as good as new


not sure on the colour though ! 


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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - Still a noisey bugger !

One little job that needs doing is fitting the horn - I ordered a neat little compact unit off the ebay which turned up this morning

oh yes, that looks like top quality


Other options are : two tones, nicked off the mx5


or this monster which was on the donor car


you can probably see which direction this is going but in the interests of science and with scant regard to my neighbours peace and quiet, let's have a wee test

(for an authentic experience, please make sure your sound is turned up nice and loud)


An easy decision made there :) 

the ebay scooter horn is just too much like a yappy dog, 'mungous air horn it is then.

i might go and test them again,just to be sure :) 

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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - size is important when it comes to getting the horn :)

bored with electrics, I turned my attention to the exhaust

i swapped the clamp for one I'd got off ebay


then set about replacing the structural cable ties that were supporting the backbox





maybe a coat of paint required to lessen the bodge factor


solid as a rock (although still a bit wibbly)


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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - honk if you're horny !

got the club mag

last months has one of the brit car front pastiches on it - it hasnt been opened

this months has a mk1 with a lexus v8 in it


2 litre something honda would be enough.......................

also they have a club tour thing one is austria - been there a long time ago on a bike i dont think id like it in a car - a grand for 9 days

the other one is the causeway coastal route - if you stick to that youre missing on an awful lot not that far away

they want 440 quid for 5 nights which doesnt sound too bad but apart from brekky theres a welcome and a last night dinner - thats good value as booking the boat only is 350 or 310 depending when you go

but the single supplement is 180 quid 😮

i dont think id get on with 50 of the same car tho :D

did you horn yet - google stebel :D or train horn

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14 minutes ago, hairnet said:

got the club mag

last months has one of the brit car front pastiches on it - it hasnt been opened

this months has a mk1 with a lexus v8 in it


There's a guy round here with a Mk1 MX5 with a Lexus V8 in it. The best part is that it looks totally standard from the outside... until you hear it start up!

The one in the magazine wasn't dark green with a tan interior, was it?

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headlight fettling today :

I sent back the polished aluminium brackets that I couldn't use


and ordered something more suitable (but just a little bit fugly)


I should really fit the bonnet first but wanted to see how sturdy the new brackets are


I needed to wrap a slice of neoprene rubber round the frame but they are nice and solid


they do look a bit awkward though - might be better once the bonnet is fitted (I hope)


lets have a look at the wiring then


that was easy enough but why the enormous hole in the grommet ?


I got hold of a couple of blind grommets and set to work




goo applied


while the goo is setting, i'll check the wiring



dipped beam



full beam



another job ticked off the list :) 

(I nicked the night breaker bulbs out of the mx5, the supplied h4 bulbs were rather poor)

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I have been pondering over what to do with the steering column and ignition wiring - the shroud leaves a little too much exposed for my liking



so what I need is something roughly this shape that I can extend the shroud by 20cm or so


I fannied on with bits of cornflake packet but was getting nowhere :(  

just as I was packing up for the day, I tripped over a discarded screen wash bottle


hmm, I wonder ?





not exactly substantial but makes a handy template - I'll dig out the alu sheet tomorrow and get cracking :) 

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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - honk if you're horny ! and check out me headlights :)

Remember that mess of a wiring loom that was working perfectly ? Until I wrapped the bugger up in tape ? And now it doesn’t :( 


My first electrical fault - oh joy ! 

seems to be a bad connection somewhere in the rad fan circuit which has magically fixed itself. I’ll keep an eye on that :( 

otherwise, seems to be running ok



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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - Exo is broken :( and fixed :)

Thanks for the coffee and the tour of the Exocet- Quite the machine and a credit to you and all the work you've put in.

I've literally spent the last few hours trying to come up with a way to justify starting a project like that, or at the very least getting into another MX5, and then reminding myself of all the reasons it wouldn't be practical!

Much envy.



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a bizzarre iva reg is that the petrol cap must be tethered to the car, just in case you do something daft like drive off without it :( 

now, should I :

a) spend some money ?


b) channel my inner Baldrick and come up with a cunning plan ?


fortunately, there isn't a current mrs gm to ask awkward questions as to the whereabouts of the bath plug !


that was fiddly as fuck !


but we can call that job done !


except the filler needs to go on the inside of the tank cover and the cap on the outside :( 

well, maybe I should finish the rear cover properly while I am at it

holes were drilled

and bolts were inserted


which were a bugger to line up but I got there eventually


now back to that pesky fuel filler


the bolts were tricky to get to so I whipped out a ridiculous item


which actually worked !


"plug" refitted on the right side of the cover


it's still fugly but it will do for now


boom ! I am compliant :) 


and that is the rear end officially FINISHED !



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  • gm changed the title to gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - actual progress on the Exo - wiring and swearing ( plus new pics on page one )

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