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For your enjoyment, HOT Cougar action!

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32 minutes ago, greengartside said:

My local scrappers in deepest Norfolk. Do you need parts?

TBH I have what I need at the moment, but I'll let the forum know.  There's a couple in that part of the world.

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Mind testing one round knockhill, thought being a capri replacement it would be rwd or 4wd using jag x type gear... Into hairpin kicked out tail, fucking fucker is fwd. Gravel trap, kerp it out the barrier, photographer throws himself over barrier, dropped to 2nd and booted it and she held, grass and gravel everywhere, new paint stonechipped to fuck but unlike a girl who rolled a puma no damage... How to impress your new gaffer as o had just started with ford and this was product knowledge.. Did cooling down lap and into pits

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I've been digging out a couple of pics from when I first got the car and thought I'd pop them up.

Firstly, and bear in mind this was being prep'd for a Banger Rally to Monaco, a decent service was called for.  Oil, filters, brake fluid (which was brown!), and a good collant flush. Even removed the tank and removed all the solidified sediment.  This car had wanted for nothing* remember.

I stopped short of popping it through the dishwasher, but the tank came up a treat.


My mate hard at work....


I'd also scored for a set of wheels (Cougar alloys) and better rubber from the owners forum which helped with the ride and noise and I decided to PlastiKote these prior to fitting ahead of the decor. (I'll post that up later).  These are still fitted now and I kept two of the orginals as spares with the scabby ones going the journey.


We also checked over the brakes as the handbrake in particular was, er, shite.  Turns out one of the rear calipers had a slight* issue with the seal. If you look carefully you may see the problem. 


How it got passed an MOT I will never know and to this day I'm convinced the garage just wanted shot of it.  They knew I lived miles away, it was going on a rally and they probably figured that'd be last time it got near a testers. Thankfully the forum came good again and I got a couple or passable spares sent up and swapped over. We'll revisit these later at some point.

Oh, one other thing. I swapped the aux and water pump belts as they were well past it.  The aux belt was really quite shagged but for a few quid and an few minutes it was an easy fix.  I have a pic somewhere of the aux belt, but the water pump one below gives you an idea and although I'm sure you've probably seen worse it was pretty bad in my eyes.


Next time it's upgrades* and enhancements*.

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    • By rusty_vw_man
      Been a serial lurker and occasional poster of nonsense, but have never quite got round to posting some pictures and the ongoing tribulations of being a serial VW licker.
      First a disclaimer - I like old VWs, partly as I grew up with them and partly because I understand how the work and I can fix* them. I do not like the 'scene' attached to them, it seems to attract too many of a certain type of person I am often allergic to - they bring me out in a shouty rage. 
      First car was a'69 beetle in red, driven flat out everywhere  until the rust took it. This was followed by a succession of Mk2 golf , vauxhall omega (vauxhall being close to VW in the sales ads)  a free Mk3 golf which was dire and tried to kill me multiple times. I have no photos of any of these as they were pre-camera phone and mostly awful. 
      Then came a T25 camper bought using generous donations from friends and family at our wedding . Bought, and a week later after hovering 15 years of dog hair out of it, we drove it all the way to northern Norway on honeymoon. Used it for a while.
      Bought a vauxhall astra estate (again, it was almost a VW in the sales section). It sucked. It did a year of commuting then it was scrapped. Was gifted a skoda fabia estate by my dad as a sensible run around. 
      During this time my wife wanted a sensible runaround for her and the kids, so we bought a bright orange 1971 beetle (rusty of course) which was excellent fun. People were openly critical of apparent lack of regard for our offsprings safety. I pointed out it had seat belts.
       Due to rusting the T25 was sold as a project, the Skoda was sold for being too dull and a T2 purchased.
      Here is the peak of VW ownership, where the beetle, bay and T25 are all in one place just before sale:

      So now we had two aircooled vehicles, the newest of which was  made in 1973.
      This lasted for exactly 9 months., during which I did lots of this:

      to be repeatedly rewarded with this:
      When the breakdown driver asks how the kids are getting on, you know you've seen him too much....
      I also conducted some invisible repairs on the rusty bits of the beetle. I'll point them out if anyone can't see them:

      A promotion and car allowance then allowed me to purchase a C3 Picasso (best not ask, I hate it). Its purple. I feel like a dick when I drive it. 
      Beetle then had to go due to third child and not enough seats, but it had the good engine, the van did not. A swap occurred. My neighbors love* me and find my antics endearing*. I clearly have no need for a drive or garage.

      After 1 too many FTPs, I was told van or family. I chose family and the van left. 
      I then went a looked at another T25 minibus (three kids now) and was in much trouble for even considering another van. 
      Two weeks later, after some small* arguments* we were in total agreement* and the van was purchased. 
      Roughly 18 months ago - note lovely laqueer peel, mismatched rear wing and low level tide mark:


      After some light fiddling I have made a very basic day van affair, and we dragged it with camping gear and the three kids all the way up to the arctic circle in Finland last summer (wife has family in that part of the world).
      6 days before departure I noticed the rear suspension had a bit of paint hanging off. I pulled and it showed this below:

      Trip to machine mart, a google of "mig wleding for numpties" and a youtube video later and I'd made this:

      and away we went. 
      Here it is in a moody B&W photo  in the land of the midnight sun, which really brings out the high quality paint. the rear suspension is still attached though, so winning. 
      That's an epic catch up post really, but will use this space now to document the exciting* repairs and work done on it to keep everything attached .and working.... 
    • By SeanRG
      Bit of a request for advice, also a bit of a vent.   Buggered:  Ford Sierra following an unleaded conversion last year.  It's the one concealing a 1.6 Emax lump under the bonnet.    My garage, who have maintained the car for the (near) five years I've owned it, put in new valve seats etc as part of the conversion to unleaded it had.   When the car was returned to me it ran brilliantly, far more sprightly than in recent times... funnily enough.  Garage recommended running it on 98 OCT or higher - I've been using the locally available Tesco Momentum 99 OCT, sans lead additive of course.   Very soon after, a metallic rattling sound began when being driven at low revs or uphill.  Back to the garage... They adjusted the timing and solved this problem (hurrah) however now it wobbles on idle.  Back to the garage... They adjusted the timing again and gave the (Webber) carb a clean inc. new jets.  Result:  no difference.  Now it's spitting oil from one side of the engine - rocker cover gasket I suspect (could however be unrelated).   And that's the Sierra in its current state. As I say, the wobbling problem didn't exist until the timing was altered to overcome the rattling sound (pinking...?) issue.     Any advice on how to achieve a 'rattle-free engine' which will not wobble on idle?

      Perhaps I ought to try a new garage too - on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire boarder if y'all can recommend a mechanic out there. 

      Thanks for reading!
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